006. Taking a Tour of my Kitchen.

Those of you from Spark know I recently (end of August) bought a condo. So, I wanted to give you all a little tour of my kitchen. Where all the deliciously edible magic happens.

Looking in from my dining room…You can’t see most of the paint here, but the doorways and soffit are red and the right wall and soffit are a golden yellow. Yes, it does bring to mind McDonald’s, but I love it anyway

A closer picture of my stove. It’s an electric which I’m still getting used to, and I’m pretty sure it may be older than I am. The second picture features my awesome red toaster/ toaster oven combo and my sweet KitchenAid mixer which was a hand-me-down from my mom when she bought her professional grade mixer. (It pays to have a mom who is a foods teacher.)

This is the right wall with my sweet red microwave. This counter makes a really great prep space. It is bigger than it looks in this pic. Also here are my lame-ass knives. One day I will get the money to buy good ones. Until then I’ll deal.

Here’s the fridge and sink. Nothing too special, but I wanted to give you the full 360 view. You can also see the corner of my dishwasher which sounds like a truck driving through my kitchen when it’s running.

My poorly stocked and even more poorly organized spice cabinet. If you haven’t noticed, spices are expensive so I generally don’t buy them until I’m making a recipe that calls for them. Or if I can find them at Sam’s Club because those giant cans are about $4 at Sam’s.

Most of my pots and pans were in the dish drainer a few pictures above, but this cabinet is home to my sweet Calphlone non-stick pans (again, my mom’s a foods teacher), my Foreman grill, and microwave veggie steamer. (This is under the prep-space counter.)To the right of the pot and pans lives bake-ware! (which is also poorly organized)
And in case my lack of organization hasn’t driven you crazy yet, here’s my drawer full of kitchen gadgets, tools, and knick-knacks.

There’s nothing horribly exciting about this picture except it shows you a good visual of my ridiculous addiction to “tupperware.” I have about 70 pieces worth of this stuff.
This is my WALK-IN pantry! Keep in mind I’ve only lived here 2 months. I haven’t had a lot of time to accumulate a lot of stuff in said walk-in pantry. I’ll bet you can tell what crap in here belongs to the boyfriend though! 🙂

Last, but certainly not least, a couple shots of the dining room where the food gets eaten. om,nom,nom.

Speaking of eating my dinner is finished so I’m going to go eat it. I’ll be back with some photos and the recipe in a bit.

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  1. It's funny you mention that because they were actually left in the unit by the previous owners, but I really liked the set so I kept it. (Plus, that meant one less piece of furniture for me to buy!)

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