007. Girl Can Run…again!

I haven’t talked much about my running in this blog yet, and that’s primary because I was in some sort of running funk recently. Last Monday I had the run from hell, Wednesday I did okay with the interval training, but I didn’t feel good about it, and Friday when I tried to run I had absolutely nothing in me. I wanted to do a quick two miles, but I ended up just walking the last 1/2 mile home. I literally had nothing in me to finish – physically or mentally. My legs were like lead weights and neither my heart nor my head were in it. It seems (hopefully) the funk has been lifted as off today.

Today as I was writing up my October recap/ November goals blog, I decided I need a more structure running plan. It’s getting cold here and race season is basically over so I’m not training for anything in particular, but I felt like the only way for me to keep making progress is to pretend like I’m training for something. I decided to Google 15K training plans since my goal for November is to run 9 miles by the end of the month and log at least 50 miles run. I ended up kind of creating my own training plan based on the Novice and Intermediate plans on Hal Higdon’s website. This is my training plan for now. I’m sure it’ll vary a little from week to week depending on my schedule.

So, per the plan, I ran 4 miles tonight at the indoor track. It started out a little rough, but toward the end I was feeling good. I did figure out part of my problem is I’m starting off too hard and not pacing myself properly. I ran my first mile in about 9:15 which is really great, but that’s not a pace I can maintain for 4 miles (not yet anyway) once I realized this I forced myself to slow down some. That was when I started hitting my stride. I finished the whole run in about 40 minutes. I was okay maintaining the 10 minute mile pace, but I’m definitely going to need to slow down to start increasing my distance.

I also realized I need to stop going to the Pavilion during “peak hours” because I am seeing way too many people I never wanted to see again! Tonight there were three guys I went to junior high with in the weight room (which has windows to the track.) Let me just say I now understand how goldfish feel. I could feel them looking at my every time I ran past. It made me feel really awkward for about the first 2 miles until I was finally able to just ignore their presence. I felt like I was being judged, but I wasn’t going to leave and let them ruin my run. I’m too old for that crap.

And finally, last but not least, my food for the day. I didn’t get photos of breakfast and lunch because a) I forgot and b) they were lame anyway. Breakfast was a bowl of Kashi GoLean Honey Almond Flax and lunch was left over mac n cheese from yesterday. Dinner however, was a pretty tastey Crustless Broccoli, Bacon, and Cheese Quiche with a honeycrisp apple.

In the pan….to on the plate…
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  1. That quiche looks amazing!I've had a hard time with running and moving from treadmill to outdoors lately. It probably is a pacing and motivation issue. How do you keep yourself to the correct pace? Is it something that you just have to teach yourself, trial and error style?And I agree with you about people from your past. I think I'd die if I ran into old classmates while running, so I can feel your pain. I recently moved back to my hometown, so it's not that realistic that it could happen! EEK!

  2. The quiche was wicked yummy, but a little watery. I think there was a little too much milk.Pacing was a HUGE problem for me when I first transitioned from the treadmill to outside. (Obviously I still have a little bit of trouble with pacing.) It was mostly trial and error to find a pace I could maintain. I've never been a distance person so my first instict is always 'go fast.' It takes a lot of effort to slow myself down. One thing I've found helpful in slowing myself down is to choose music with a slower tempo.

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