008. Just a quicky

I went for a quick run today. I had no energy (and there for no desire to run) because I didn’t sleep very well last night, but I’m really trying to stick to the training schedule I developed. I did the 2 miles in 18:41 which is a 9:20 min/ mile pace. I did do my run outside. I’m definitely going to make sure I’m doing at least one run a week outside as it gets colder; otherwise I’m going to have a really hard time breathing during the Santa Shuffle 5K on December 5th. The cold air really stings my lungs.

I was really in the mood for pizza tonight. I think it was Caitlin’s Vegetarian BBQ Pizza post that got it in my head. I made a Hawaiian pizza tonight for the BF and I. It clocked in at about 185 calories per slice which isn’t too bad. Plus, I have leftover to eat for lunch tomorrow!

Not the most appetizing picture – I forgot to take one before I cut it up – but it was really yummy. I used a pre-made crust like Pillsbury’s only I bought the generic brand (which actually had fewer calories and less fat.). The crust was a total nightmare. I tried rolling it out myself because I like a really thin crust. That ended up being my worst idea of the night and nearly resulted in my rolling pin getting tossed across the room! Anyway, I topped the pizza with

  • 55 g red onion
  • 1/4 c. reduced-fat sharp cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 c. part-skim mozzarella cheese
  • 8 oz of pineapple chunks
  • 6 slices of Rose Canadian Bacon
  • 1/2 c. Culinary Circle Sweet Applewood BBQ Sauce

For dessert I had 1/2c. of Trader Joe’s Non-Fat Plain Frozen Yogurt with 2T. sweetened shredded coconut, 5g of goji berries and 1T of rolled oats. It was really yummy!

Well, I don’t have much else to say today. I also want to get to bed a little early tonight since I didn’t sleep so well last night. I promise a more exciting post tomorrow!

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