013. 30 Things I’ve Learned on my Weight Loss Journey

30 Things I’ve Learned on My Weight Loss Journey

1) I am the only person that can change me.
2) Friends are an invaluable resource – even if they’re “only” internet friends.
3) With hard work and dedication, there is nothing I cannot accomplish.
4) Life is all about balance.
5) I can run.
6) Anything worth doing is scary.
7) There are no short cuts and no “easy buttons;” the hard is what makes it great.
8) Nothing is off limits as long as I can find balance.
9) Making a change to improve my health has motivated me to make changes improving other areas of my life.
10) Life is short, embrace every minute of it.
11) Losing weight has given me the confidence I need to make myself happier.
12) Living healthy is worth it.
13) Eating like garbage = feeling like garbage
14) Exercise truly is the greatest stress reliever.
15) I want to be an inspiration and motivation to others, and I want to lead by example.
16) Somewhere along the line, I forgot what it was like to feel passionately about something. I’ve remembered because I’ve found a passion for healthy living.
17) I’m not as picky as I thought.
18) I like vegetables. I also like oatmeal.
19) I’m not going to like everything I try, but that doesn’t mean these things aren’t worth trying.
20) Most fast food is overrated.
21) I really do love to cook.
22) There is no such thing as perfect.
23) Exercise is addicting.
24) I want to help others find, understand, and appreciate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle as much as I do.
25) I love tea.
26) Yoga is amazing.
27) Start small. Small changes lead to big accomplishments.
28) There’s nothing wrong with being afraid as long as fear doesn’t stop you from accomplishing your goals.
29) Weight loss can be a slow, and sometimes painful process, but it’s worth sticking with it.
30) I know I have it in me to take that extra step when I feel like I can’t make it any futher.

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