029. Partying Hard

I wanted to get this blog (as well as three others) written over the weekend, but that didn’t happen.

So Friday I had my office Holiday Party as well as my Nicki’s brother’s wedding reception. Both were a great time with a lot of fried foods and even more booze.

First the office Holiday Party. I love my office holiday parties because it’s not just a sit around stuffing your face and chatting event. For the last two years, we’ve got to Lucky Strike Lanes. We have a bowling tournament and there are prizes for the winning team, highest female score, highest male score, and lowest score. They even got little trophies.

We all piled on our school bus at 11:30 to head to the bowling alley.

I didn’t get pictures of the food, but the menu was pretty fantastic. The only downside was all of the appetizers were fried. We had potstickers, mac n cheese bites, coconut shrimp, and chicken satay as appetizers. Lunch was pomegranate turkey breast, tri-colored veggies, traditional stuffing, pumpkin risotto, and mostacolli. Finally dessert was pumpkin cheesecake which was AMAZING, and a cookie tray with chocolate chip and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. I had a little bit of everything but the mostacolli.

We we at the bowling alley until 3:30 then headed to Timothy O’Toole’s Pub a couple blocks away to continue the party. Unfortunately I was only able to stay about an hour because I needed to head back home to go to the wedding reception.

Rob and Lillie’s first dance at the reception.

The wedding reception was really nice. The bride (Lillie) and groom (Rob) actually got married in Hawaii (where Rob is stationed and Lillie lives), but they are here for about a week while Rob is on leave so his mom had a reception/ party for them.

My brothers Nick and Alex, Nicki (Nick’s girlfriend) and her brother Rob at the “DJ booth”.

My brothers were the DJs as the kid who was supposed to do it backed out Thursday night. Thankfully we have a PA system from when Nick had a band in high school. Dinner was your standard midwest catering food – fired chicken, beef sandwiches, baked mostacolli, and salad. There was an open bar which meant more Malibu and pineapple juice for me!

I ended up leaving the reception early becuase my stomach was bothering me. I think I’d had too much booze and fried food throughout the day.

All in all Friday was an awesome day, and I had a blast at both of the parties! There was definitely some over indulgences, but both were special occassions! What’s the point if you can celebrate with friends and family every now and then.

Here are other photos from the wedding reception and my work party.

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