041. 10 in 2010

I just love Angela’s 10 in 2010 so I decided it was high time I did my own. I’ve always been really terrible about setting goals and making lists and not following through, but this is a new year and a new me. This is a healthier, more driven me.

So here we go…10 things I want to accomplish in 2010.

  1. Run a half marathon
    I’m thinking this will happen in September. My best friend’s little sister has run a half in September the last two years. When I started running she suggested I run with her. I laughed at the idea, but I’m actually really interested now. It’s definitely something I’d like to do.
  2. Complete a sprint distance triathlon
    I used to swim competitively, and I’ve always loved biking recreationally. I don’t foresee ever putting myself through the training for a half or full ironman, but I could definitely handle training for a sprint, or maybe even olympic, distance triathlon.
  3. Get back in school
    I’ve wanted to go back to school pretty much since I graduated. The problem has been I didn’t know what I wanted to go back for. Since I began my personal journey to a healthy lifestyle, I’ve become very passionate about sharing my knowledge. I want to go back to school for health science. I’ve still got some things to consider (like how I’m going to pay for it and what I want the end result to be), but I’d really like to be back in school by the end of the year.
  4. Reach my goal weight of 135lbs.
  5. Set a new PR for my 5K time (sub 29:30)
  6. Really get my blog going
    I want to be posting regularly with meals, work-outs, and daily life stuff as well as posting “feature articles”
  7. Find a volunteer organization that’s a good fit and volunteer.
    I did steal this directly from Julie’s 10 in 2010; however, it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I used to volunteer all the time in high school. I’d really like to get back to volunteering at least a couple times a month.
  8. Do a 30 Day Vegetarian Challenge
    I think I’ve mentioned here before that I want to really reduce my meat consumption and do a 7 day vegetarian challenge. I’ll probably do this sometime in January as a jumping off point. I’d like to do a full month challenge too though. This will really give me an idea of what living a vegetarian lifestyle is like, and it will force me to get creative.
  9. Be the best maid of honor I can be
    Nicki asked me to be her main of honor in her and my brother’s wedding. I don’t really know what a maid of honor is supposed to do exactly, but I’m really honored she asked me.
  10. Save Money!
    I think this is pretty high on everyone’s list of things to do. I really want to start saving so that I can renovate my kitchen and bathrooms. I also want to get rid of my carpet because it’s super ugly and I hate carpet. I’d like to replace it with wood laminate.
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