051. Errand Girl

Tonight I ran a bunch of errands. I had three missions tonight.
  1. Buy some YakTrax so I can try and start getting some outdoor runs in again.
  2. Check out books on container gardening from the library
  3. Get a cute black crop sweater/ shrug to wear over my dress on Saturday.
I was successful in 2 out of the 3.
Mission One: Buy YakTrax Verdict: Mission Failed
My friend Courtney has mentioned getting a pair Yaktrax on a couple occasions. I finally got curious and Googled them. For those of you unfamiliar Yaktrax is a traction device for running (or walking) on snow and ice. The snow and ice has really put a damper on my running recently. I loathe the dreadmill, and while I do have access (free!) to a nice indoor track, I really prefer running outdoors. I’m sure this is true for most runners.
I’ve read a couple reviews of Yaktrax and the majority of reviews on Amazon are positive, and I really want to give them a try. I decided to hit Sport’s Authority as it fit neatly in the path of the rest of my errands. Unfortunately, they only had 4 pairs of the Taktrax walkers left – no Yaktrax Pro. The sales girl said their truck comes on Tuesday so to try back then. I’ll probably call first.
Mission Two: Get books on container gardening from the library Verdict: Mission Accomplished
One of the things I want to do in the coming year, and I forgot to consider in my 10 in 2010, is to grow some of my own produce. Since I don’t have a yard, I’m limited to container gardening. Unfortunately I know next to nothing about gardening and even less about container gardening. I’m not much of a green thumb either. I’m the girl who has killed three basil plants in two years. I really want to have my own garden though. It’s cost effective, healthy, and green. What more can a girl ask for.
Since it’s the dead of winter here in Chicago (hence the need for the YakTrax and probably also the reason I didn’t think to include “start a container garden” in my 10 in 2010), I’m going to spend some time doing my homework and researching container gardening. Hopefully this will up my chances of successfully growing some edible fruits and veggies (and herbs). Tonight I picked Container Gardening for Dummies and Reader’s Digest Crops in Pots. I’ll be sure to post reviews as I get through them. I’ll probably also do a post (or series or posts) on container gardening as I learn more about it.
If anyone has any additional suggestions on books about container gardening, or gardening in general, I should read, please share!

Mission Three: Get cute crop sweater Verdict: Mission Accomplished.
Initially my plan was to go to Kohl’s, but I decided I might have been luck at one of the “trendy” stores. They just opened a Forever 21 in the mall near my house so I decided to check it out. I ended up finding a black 3/4 sleeve sweater similar to this one. (I could go take a picture of the actual sweater, but I’m feeling lazy. Maybe tomorrow)
I must voice a couple complaints though. What is up with the sizing?! First of all in all the sweater browsing I did, I don’t think I saw a single item bigger than a size medium. What, is it store policy to not carry anything larger than a medium? Second of all, who the hell do they size this stuff for, children? The sweater I ended up buying is a medium, but it only kind of fits. I’m not even close to being able to button it. I can’t even get it to close over my boobs. It serves the purpose I need it to serve – covering my shoulders at a January 2nd wedding in cold, snowy Chicago, but seriously, what the hell people?! I’ve never understood why stores size their clothes for infants.
I did accept an extra mission of buying a pair of shoes for the wedding as well. I was wandering the shoes section at Kohl’s and came across these. They are totally not my style, but I was instantly attracted to them. I carried them around the store with me for at least 15 minutes debating, and I sent a photo text to my best friend for her opinion. Ultimately I ended up buying them (they were $30) with the thought that if they don’t look good with the dress I can always return them.
Anyway, it’s already 10:30, and I still need to take a quick shower so it’s time to call it a night.
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  1. Forever 21 is heinous with their sizing. There is no way their sizes are made for normal people.I just recieved a mini herb garden growing kit for Christmas and I can't wait to start them! I would love to have a little garden too, maybe when Matt and I buy a house this summer I can start one. I want fresh garlic please!!

  2. I love the shoes! haha. And I've been attempting to research an indoor herb garden as well. The hubs and I have been talking about it for awhile and I figure nows as good a time as ever! If only we had our own place so I could have a REAL garden. Keep us updated on what you find 🙂

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