053. Happy New Year!!

(Side note: I wrote this post this morning, but my internet went down right before I hit publish. I had to leave before it came back up hence the delay.)
Last night was a pretty fantastic way to start the new year!
To start the evening Chris and I had his mom, grandma, and brother over for dinner. I made a fabulously healthy dinner that everyone really enjoyed! I was so glad to share a healthy meal with people I care about and have them really love it. So what was on the menu you ask? I made spaghetti squash with marinara (and a little Boca “meat” for some protein) and topped it with sauteed garlic and zuchini. We also had some fresh mozzarella to top it all off with.

While I was finishing up dinner, the guys were teaching their mom and grandma how to play Wii bowling!
Grandma getting her Wii bowling on.

I made some Ghirardelli chocolate brownies for dessert. I used some of my seemingly infinite supply of apple sauce instead of oil. Man were the brownies good. They were super moist and cake-like.
Right as we were finishing up dinner Chris’ buddy Mike came over and the party began. We played Rock Band and Wii. It was a total blast. This is definitely my favorite way to ring in a new year! We also managed to switch to TV just in time to see the ball drop in Time Square.
I was by far the best Rock Band singer of the night.
Hello? Mario? Are you there?

Mike decided to bust out the robot.

Then Chris joined in.

And Tim couldn’t be left out of the fun.
The kiss at midnight. We kind of look like awkward teenagers.

Chris’s bowl of snacks – a giant brownie and some chips.

I ended up over-indulging just a bit on the alcohol side. I definitely ended up the drunkest in the room. Oops! My drinks were just so tasty though! I started with a couple glasses of pinot grigio. Later in the evening I made myself some pomegranate martinis from Effen Raspberry vodka and some pomegranate juice I had in the fridge. Thankfully, I had the good sense to take a few Advil and drink two glasses of water before bed so I’m not suffering today.
Since Chris had to work at 10:00 this morning, we did call it a night pretty early. We were in bed by 1:30. All in all it was a fantastic night!
How was your New Years Eve? What did you do to ring in the New Year.
I had to take Chris to work this morning since I need my car today. After I got back I made myself some breakfast – scrambled eggs with mozzarella cheese mixed in and some red potato hash browns with garlic and red onions.
This afternoon I’m heading over to my friend Kristin’s house to watch the Winter Classic. Right now I’m making a loaf of Cranberry Apple bread to take with me. I need to go Whittle My Middle and then get in the shower.
Have a fantastic first day of 2010!
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