055. Going to the Chapel…where my friends are getting married

My friends Jennie and John are getting married today!!!! I’ve very excited for them, and who doesn’t love weddings? They’re so much fun! My goal today is to keep the drinking in check. This should be somewhat easy as I am driving. I also want to make sure I fully document the evening so I can share.
Quick morning recap: breakfast was an open face fried egg sammie with sharp cheddar and some of the potatoes I had left over from yesterday morning.
After I ate I Whittled My Middle, and Chris and I had to make a trip over to his mom’s house to try and find his black dress shirt. We didn’t have any luck.
I am absolutely in l-o-v-e with my dress/ outfit for today. I picked up the dress at H&M for about $35. I was the first (and only) dress I even tried on.
I loathe dress shopping. I’m very top heavy (large chest, wide back, swimmer shoulder’s and tiny little hips on chicken legs) which makes it very difficult to find dresses that fit properly in all the “right” places. Add to that the fact that nothing causes my self esteem to plummet quite like dress shopping. Anyone with me on that one? I find when I’m dress shopping, I always end up having to go at least a size or two larger than my pants/ shirt size. I’m currently in a M top and size 8 bottom so why is my dress a 14? I know size is just a number, and I generally don’t put much thought into it, but really, I just don’t get how stores size clothing?!
Anyway, I’m sure you can imagine how stoked I was when I not only found a dress I loved that fit perfectly!
I paired the dress with the sweater and shoes I bought Wednesday and a bracelet one of my co-workers bought me for Christmas. Personally, I think I look adorable! Not to toot my own horn or anything. 🙂
I’ll be sure to post all about the wedding tomorrow.
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  1. You look wonderful! ! I love the dress! 🙂 And I get ya on the dress-shopping front, I have the hardest time finding things.

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