056. It’s a Sad Blogger Day for Me

So, I wish I could say I have all kinds of fantastic pictures of the wedding last night to share with you all, but sadly I don’t. I think my camera is dying a slow and painful death. Every picture I took last night came out super blurry. I noticed this problem in my New Years Eve pictures a little bit, but it wasn’t terrible. My dad is trying to see if he can fix it, but I might be in the market for a new one very soon. Until the problem is resolved my photos are going to be pretty limits and taken with my iPhone.
The wedding was fantastic. It was such a great time, and it was so awesome to see a bunch of my friends that I haven’t seen in at least a year. My friend Dan managed to break his nose. How does one manage to break their nose during a wedding reception you ask. Well, back in high school at a NYE party this tradition of singing along to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody got started. It starts with the guys and the girls in circles swaying and singing along. When the song reaches the “heavy” part the girls get the hell out of the way and the guys start moshing. Once the song slows back down we all end up in one big circle. This was repeated at every party and major even through high school and college. We even managed to pull it off at senior prom. It’s also been part of every wedding as well. The whole thing is ridiculous, and to an outside observer we probably look positively insane, but it’s part of the tradition of our friendships. Anyway, during the moshing Dan’s nose connected with our friend Atom’s head and Atom’s head won.
I definitely drank a bit more than originally intended, but I only had a slight hangover this morning. It was nothing a couple huge glasses of water couldn’t fix.
This morning I went out with my family for a late breakfast at Flapjack’s Pancake House which is my favorite place to go for breakfast. I had stuffed French toast with apple compote and a side of hash browns.
My mom and I ran some errands. I managed to get my hands on a pair of YakTrax. Now I just need the temp needs to increase a few degrees so I can test them out. I would really like to go out for a run this afternoon, but it’s so cold outside breathing would be a struggle. I do think I’m going to head over to the indoor track once Chris gets home from work.
I really need to get some run time in. I’m running a virtual 5K on January 23rd. The three girls I ran with for the Santa Shuffle 5K and I are going to run a 5K on treadmills on the 23rd and report back to each other. It’s a pretty brilliant idea if you ask me. A great way to keep ourselves motivated since it’s not really race season in the Midwest right now.
Since breakfast was huge, I had half an everything bagel with some onion and chive cream cheese for lunch just now.

I’m quite tired today so I’m going to go relax on the couch and read a book (I’ve got both of my container gardening books to get through, and I just started reading Skinny Bitch.) or watch some TV with a cup of tea. I also need to decide what to make for dinner tonight. Any suggestions?
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