072. On a Roll

I’ve had a very productive afternoon, but I’ve got a lot of slacking to make up for so here’s how I’ve done so far.

  • Shower
  • Laundry
  • Clean my house
  • Blogs, blogs, blogs,
  • Meal Planning
  • Grocery Shopping
  • PetCo
  • Kohl’s
  • Pick Chris up at 5
I headed to Orland because I could hit all 4 stores I needed without having to go far between them.
My first stop was at Kohl’s. I got a 30% off coupon in the mail, and since I’m still losing weight, I’m pretty much constantly needing new clothes. Plus there was so much stuff on clearance! Kohl’s clearance + extra 30% off = crazy deals! I got two pairs of dress pants for about $10 each, a cashmere cardigan for about $25, and a couple other items. I also bought myself a Chicago Blackhawks hoodie. I’m one of the few people left in my group of friends who shows up to watch games without sporting team gear.
After Kohl’s I hit Target. I forgot to add this to my list initially, but remembered I needed a few things when I was browsing my coupons. I got deodorant, Kashi granola bars, a gallon of bleach (If you didn’t know, bleach is a cheap alternative to Liquid Plumber or any other drain clearing product. I pour a gallon of bleach down my tub every 2 – 3 months to help keep it clear.), and some Burt’s Bees Deep Conditioner.
From Target I went to PetCo for a few items for Hermione. I got her a ball and some vitamin supplements. I’m worried about her getting enough vitamin C. Guinea pigs are really susceptible to scurvy.
Finally, I went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. I absolutely love Trader Joe’s. Living within a mile of Trader Joe’s was probably the thing I loved most when I lived in LaGrange. I love that the organic items are really reasonably priced (especially compared to Jewel which is the primary grocery chain in my area.) I think on of my favorite things about the store is that it’s not overwhelming. When I go into Jewel (or any chain grocery store), I feel really overwhelmed by all of the options. I mean, do we really need 15 different kinds of ketchup to choose from?! Unfortunately, 2:30 in the afternoon on a Sunday is not the time to go to Trader Joe’s. The store was packed! Luckily, they’re pretty darn efficient so I was still in and out pretty quick.

I ate a Luna bar in the car on my way home because I was starving! (Don’t worry, I was safely stopped at a red light when I snapped this photo.) I’m going to make myself some lunch and get some cleaning done now. I’m also hoping to get a blog or two written before I head out to pick Chris up at 6. (He got an extra hour!)
It’s time to make lunch and start cleaning. The kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom are all in pretty dire need. I also need to get Hermione‘s cage cleaned. I think lunch is going to be a grilled cheese with apples.
Coming soon…
YakTraks Review
Hermione photos!
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