075. At the Risk of Sounding Like a Broken Record…

…I’m sorry for being a blogging lame. I swear. This week it is on like Donkey Kong. Starting right now!

I’ve had some major realization in the last week in regard to my weight loss and healthy living journey. I guess you could call this my “getting back on track post” even though I haven’t been “off-track” per se; I’ve been maintaining my weight, eating healthy, and getting a couple work-outs in each week. I’m just not giving it 100% which would explain why the weight loss is going no where.

I started reading The Spark last week, and I’m really enjoying it. I’m pretty much only reading it during my commute though so I’m moving through it at a pretty slow pace. Anyway, even with just the two chapters I’ve read so far, I’ve had a major revelation.

From the beginning, there were two things that attracted me to SparkPeople. I love the proactive, goal-oriented nature of the site and the emphasis on planning. Setting my health and fitness goals, striving for them, and achieving them creates such a drive in me. It spreads to other areas of my life. Planning my meals and my fitness helps me keep other area of my life more organized. (If I know I’m going running after work then I have to structure the rest of my activities for the day accordingly so I can fit everything in.) I find myself more motivated in all areas of my life.

So given this, why the heck did I stop setting goals and making plans for myself?! I used to do monthly goal blogs and the occasional weekly goal blog; I had a weekly meal plan and fitness routine blogs then I just stopped. I have no idea why. Maybe got bored of setting the same goals. Maybe I got lazy. In any case, the time has come to change that.

So, starting February 1st*, I am back on the goal-setting wagon. I’m going to be writing them down in my planner. I’m going to make meal plans and fitness plans. I’m going to blog about these goals and plans to keep myself accountable. I’m getting back on the wagon!

I plan to have my February goals blog posted by Thursday at the latest. Keep an eye out for it.

*I am actually starting today and making meal and fitness plans for the remainder of the week, but my “official” start is going to be February 1st.

I took some time this evening to plan out the rest of the week’s meals and make my grocery list. I really don’t know why I stopped doing this. I makes life so much easier on so many levels! I also followed some of the advise of Tina over Trading Up Downtown and took stock of what I had in my pantry before choosing my meals to limit how much I needed to buy. This was especially important since I was going shopping at Jewel tonight. I hate going to Jewel because I always leave feeling ripped off. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to go all the way out to Trader Joe’s tonight, and there aren’t a lot of grocery store options in my immediate area. Anyway, here we go with the meal plans!

B: Oats with peanut butter and banana
L: Some Kashi frozen black bean mango thing I has a coupon for so I decided to try it.
D: Southwest Chicken Stew

B: Oats with banana, cinnamon, and brown sugar
L: Southwest Chicken Stew leftovers
D: Homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza

B: Chocolate oats with peanut butter and banana
L: BBQ Chicken pizza leftovers
D: Burrito Bowls

B: Homemade Whole Wheat Waffles
L: Mac n Cheese (with tuna and veggies added)
D: Ginger Orange Tofu with brown rice

B: omelets with roasted red potatoes
L: Chick’n nuggets and tater tots
D: TBD (My goal is to go grocery shopping for next week on Sunday so I left this as a free-be)

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