089. Just a Quickie

Just a quickie post before I head to bed.  Tonight was a chill night with Chris.  We went grocery shopping (finally!), and then I made us a BBQ Hawaiian pizza for dinner.  We ate our pizza on the couch watching Zombieland.  If you haven’t seen Zombieland, it’s an awesome movie.   Highly recommended.  It’s not your usual zombie movie.  It’s more of a comedy-horror hybrid.  I’m not a big fan of zombie movies, but this is an excellent movie.  Also, it doesn’t require you to have seen other zombie movies to get it.  That was my big gripe with Shaun of the Dead.  Since I haven’t seen a lot of zombie movies, I didn’t get a lot of the jokes and references they made.

Oh yeah, my pizza was really great too.  I was really heavy on the ingredients tonight.  I was in the mood for a lot of cheese, but I limited myself to one slice.  After dinner I had some cantaloupe (which went unphotographed due to movie watching) and a cup of Candy Cane Lane tea.  (I’m being stingy with my holiday teas and having them as treats.)

Yummy pizza fresh out of the oven...
...and on to my plate.

In Blog News…

I added a Meal Plans page where I will be posting my weekly meal plans.  Of course, I’m pretty bad at doing weekly meal plans so it’s usually more like 10 day meal plans.  I’m trying to develop more of a routine/ habit.  I’m hoping this page will help.

Finally, Spreadin’ Some Blogger Love…

Last thing before I hit the sack.  I wanted to share my friend Allison’s blog and Etsy store with you.  Allison is a photographer in Madison, WI.  Her recent photo series has been food, and what food blogger doesn’t love a good food photo?!  She sells prints of her photos on her Etsy site.  She also does web/ graphic design and currently has adorable Valentine’s Day cards available on her Etsy site.  You should definitely check her out!

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  1. Candy cane lane tea!! Also one of my faves. I also don’t like Zombie movies and/or don’t watch them really but concur that Zombieland was awesome…it was like the zombie movie for the average movie watcher lol

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