091. Snack Time!

Lunch today is a repeat of last night’s dinner so I won’t bore you with a poor quality iPhone photo.  Since lunch isn’t providing much blog excitement, I want to discuss snack time!  Really, who doesn’t love snack time?

I came to a realization yesterday; I need to start being more conscious of my snacking when at work.  It’s not that I do a lot of mindless grazing at work.  It’s a very rare occasion there is any sort of grazing at work.   I even do a great job of eating healthy snacks during the day.  The problem is that I’ve gotten into a snack time routine.  For a while I was eating a morning snack around 10:30 because that’s when I would start to get hungry for lunch.  I would eat an afternoon snack around 3:30 so I wouldn’t be ravenous by the time I got home.  Snacks are usually a Kashi bar, fruit, or some nuts/ trail mix; sometimes I’d have a treat if they were in the office.

Recently I’ve noticed I’m eating my snack because it’s “snack time” not necessarily because I’m hungry.  So my goal for the coming week is to be much more mindful of my snacking at work.  I’m going to really consider if I’m actually hungry before I dig into my snacks.  If I’m not hungry I’ll save it for later or another day.  I’m also going to make sure I’m carrying a couple snacks in my work bag so if I’m not hungry at work but get hungry during the commute home, I’m all set.

Snacks are important because I don’t like to let myself get to the point that I’m starving.  When that happens, I eat too fast and too much.  However, I also don’t want to be eating just because the clock says “snack time.”

Do you ever find yourself eating because it’s “snack time” or “meal time” and not because you’re hungry?  What do you do to be more mindful of your eating – especially when it comes to snacking?

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  1. I do often eat snacks because it is “snack time” but I’m always afraid that if I don’t, then by the time I get to the next meal I’ll be too hungry. I get kind of shaky or light headed if I get too hungry. I suppose I could eat the snack when I get to the point of hunger but then it’s probably awfully close to meal time..which I guess can be pushed back too. So..hmm..maybe it is best to hold off. Although, some days I plan my calories out and if I don’t have my snack, I’m not really sure where I’d add the calories in to make my range.

    I see your point though. Plus, it gives more room for extras on dinner or something.

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