092. Snack Attack

So, I’m pretty sure my decision to be more mindful of my snacking seriously backfired.  Yesterday I had a serious case of the munchies!  I just felt hungry all afternoon and evening.  I also developed a serious chocolate craving at work yesterday afternoon.  I’m not a huge fan of chocolate (Yes, I know.  I’m, like, the worst girl ever.) so it’s rare that I get chocolate cravings like this.

Anyway, in my snack attack, I broke into the gift basket we had received on Thursday.  I had a midget chocolate covered pretzel, a s’more bite, and a handful of caramel corn drizzled with milk, white, and dark chocolates.

After work I braved the slick, snowy roads to go to my parent’s house.  I needed to return their camera, have my dad copy a DVD for my me, and my mom and I were going to run some errands.

I ate dinner at my parent’s house so no photos, but my mom made some pretty delicious Broccoli, Chicken and Cheese soup.

Afterward, we hit Old Navy and Michaels.  I have finally caved to the trend of skinny jeans. (*sigh*)  I bought a pair of “Rockstar” jeans from Old Navy.  They’re more like demin leggings than jeans really.  Either way… at Michaels we wanted to check out a wedding invitation kit I found online that Nicki really liked.  Initially, I showed them to her as my inspiration for save the date cards, but she likes the actual invites so much we’re looking into the kits to DIY the invites.  I also wanted to browse around for supplies for their wedding gift.  (I’d love to share with you what it is, but on the off chance either of them read this, I’m not going to.)

After we got back my snack attack continued.  One of the biggest problems I have going to my parent’s house is they always have sweet yummy cereals in the house.  When there’s cereal around, I have serious trouble maintain control.  I ate at least two bowls worth of CornPops last night while watching Zombieland with my folks.  (Yes, I seriously like that movie enough to watch it two nights in a row.  It’s easily in my Top 10 Favorite Movies of all time list – possibly even top 5.)

Thankful, I’ll planning some serious gym time today.  I’m going to yoga at noon and then following that up with 30 minutes of swimming and a dreadtreadmill run.

The rest of my day is busy as well so I might not have time to post again until tomorrow.  I’ve got a haircut in about 30 minutes.  I need to do some serious house cleaning as well as laundry this afternoon, and tonight Chris and I are going to Medieval Times with some friends.  I really excited!

Well, I need to get some breakfast in my and head out for me haircut.  I’m thinking 3-minute oatmeal cookie breakfast sounds great right about now!

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