093. Change of Plans

Some how anytime I make plans for myself things have a way of getting changed around, but before I get into that, I need to share my breakfast with you.  I ended up making the 3-minute oatmeal cookie for breakfast, but I decided to add pumpkin pie spice instead of cinnamon (mostly because it seems I’ve lost my cinnamon) and smear it with a quarter cup of pumpkin rather than peanut butter.  I also drizzled it with some agave nectar.  Holy deliciousness batman!  It tasted just like pumpkin pie!  It was SO good.  If I’d had the time, I probably would have made myself another one!

Next time I’ll probably add the pumpkin into the oat mix before microwaving, but it was already in the microwave when I had the idea to add the pumpkin.  Regardless, it was a foodgasm for sure!

After I got my hair cut I decided I needed to go on a mission for boots.  I wanted a pair of boots that were fashionable but still function since after all, I do live in Chicago where it snows.  I was looking for boots at Christmas time, but pretty much every store I went to was sold out.  Well, apparently now that it’s February, it’s time to put out the strappy sandals rather than boots.  I decided I was going to come home, gather my stuff for yoga/ the gym and then hit the mall before the gym.  I failed at the mall, but I did find success at Shoe Carnival.  I ended up getting two pairs of boots (one fashionable, one function) that were on clearance and buy one, get one half off.  I got both pairs for less than the full price of either!

I headed to the gym for my planned work out of yoga, a run, and a swim.  Yoga was rough.  My muscles are still tight from my sweaty wake-up call on Thursday.  I also felt really weak.  I wasn’t sure I had the energy to run and swim.  Plus, after I told my mom about the sweet sale over at Shoe Carnival, she wanted to go look for some shoes.  Of course I couldn’t say no when she asked me to come along.  I changed up my plans and decided I would go with her and then head out for a run outdoors when I got home.

I donned my YakTrax and headed out for a run around Lake Marion on the St. Xavier campus.  It was chilly, but it was so nice to be outside running.  It was almost kind of sunny for a little while, and Lake Marion is so pretty.

My run felt really good even though I was tired.  Now I’m going to make another BBQ Hawaiian pizza (two crusts came in the package), work on my laundry, and get some house cleaning done.

It feels so great to be productive again!

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