094. Good Times at Medieval Times

Last night was so much fun!  Chris and I got to Kristin and Dan’s about 5:45, and we set off for Medieval Times.  We got there and had a drink before being seated at our table.  Unfortunately it’s so dark in the arena my pictures were turning out all blurry.  (I still need a new camera.  I’m thinking tax return = Canon PowerShot.)

[ [ Source] There are bench tables set-up all around the oval arena.  The photo is from the California location, but the set-up in Chicago is pretty similar.  We were seated in the Red Knight’s section.

Dinner was garlic bread, dragon blood soup (tomato bisque), baby dragon (half a roasted chicken), dragon ribs (a spare rib), and half an herb roasted potato.  Dessert was an apple turnover.  The food there is really good, but for some reason, it instantly gives me a bit of indegestion.  I think it’s all the seasoning they use.  I ate everything, but the baby dragon.  I did eat some of it, but I was pretty full.  I brought it home.  I’ll probably use it to make a BBQ chicken pizza or sandwiches later.

The tournament itself was a good time.  This is one of those places that’s pretty much as fun as you make it.  If you go in with a bad attitude, it’s pretty lame.  The fighting itself is very choreographed and borderline cheesy-fake.  However, if you go in with the right attitude (and people), it’s a blast because you start rivalries with the other sections.  Basically, the more loud and obnoxious you’re willing to be the more fun you’ll have.

Sadly, our knight was not the winner.  He got taken out in the second round of fighting.  It was a little disappointing.

After dinner and the show, we headed back to Kristin and Dan’s house for drinks, snacks and games.  (I don’t have pictures from their house either because at that point in the night I was just mad at my camera.)  Kristin made fondue and so I had to indulge in some chocolate covered marshmallows, graham crackers, bananas, and pretzels.  I had watermelon vodka mixed with strawberry Crystal Light while we ate, chatted, and play some very cut-throat Uno.

I’ve got another busy day ahead of me.  This morning I’m taking my brother Alex to breakfast at Flapjack’s (my most favorite breakfast place ever!), and then I’m going to take him out driving for a while.  Later I’m heading to my friends’ Jennie and John’s house for a Super Bowl party.  I’m not a huge football fan so I have no real interest in watching the game, but with my friends it is always a good time.  Right now, I’m going to be making some homemade hummus to take over with me.  I’ll let you all know how it turns out.

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