10 Week Turnaround Week 2

It’s week two of my 10 Week Turnaround, but before we get to this week’s goal, let’s review week one, shall we?

Week one was good.  I ended up eating out three times in total.  (One could say it was four times if you could the BBQ I went to with friend on Friday night.)  One of them was a lunch, and the other two were dinner.  Every meal out was a direct result of poor planning on my part and/ or mouth pain.

Meal one was lunch from Jamba Juice which was a direct result of my mouth being too sore to chew the salad I had brought for lunch thanks to my tooth issues.  It was poor planning on my part, but my smoothie and oatmeal from Jamba didn’t kill my point or really even make me feel like I’d eaten out.

The other meals out were all dinners.  First meal out was last Thursday.  After my root canal, I was in no mood to cook or eat anything solid so we went out.  Second meal out was Sunday we grabbed food because we were starving post Warrior Dash and didn’t have groceries.

Didn’t quite hit my goal, but I was close.  I consider it a success if for no other reason than I was very conscious of my eating out.

This week, my goal is focused on snacking.  I’ve been snacking a lot after dinner, and it’s getting detrimental.  This week if I want a snack – especially after dinner – it needs to come in the form of a fruit or veggie.  There’s no shortage of produce in my house, and if I’m not hungry enough for something healthy, I’m probably not really hungry.  That said, I will allow myself one dessert for the week.

1. (6/12 – 6/18): Eat out no more than twice. (3/2 meals out)

2. (6/19 – 6/25): No after dinner snacking – one dessert allotted for.









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