10 Week Turnaround Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of my 10 Week Turnaround!

Last week my goal was to avoid after dinner snacking and stick to fruits and veggies should I need or want an after dinner snack.  I also allowed for one dessert.  The week was quite successful.  Wednesday night we rode our bikes to Jack Frost, but I stuck with a frozen chocolate covered banana which totally qualifies as fruit rather than dessert, (right?!)  I had some ice cream for dessert on Sunday.  I actually didn’t snack much after dinner, most likely because I was being extremely conscious of my snacking, but when I did, I stuck with fruits and veggies.

This week my goal is to write every day.  I’ve been extremely lazy about writing lately both on the blog and in my 28th Year journal lately.  This is totally counterproductive to my goals of building the blog and remembering the little things this year.  This week I’ll take some time to write every day, evening if it’s just a couple sentences!

1. (6/12 – 6/18): Eat out no more than twice. (3/2 meals out)

2. (6/19 – 6/25): No after dinner snacking – one dessert allotted for. (

3. (6/26 – 7/2): Write daily.








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