10 Week Turnaround

A few weeks ago Erin over at Big Girl Feats started her 10 Week Turnaround Challenge.  I thought it was a brilliant idea, and I immediately jumped on board.  Then I promptly fell off the wagon.  However, I still think it’s a brilliant idea, and it seems like an even better way to jump start my true efforts.

The idea is that each week, for ten weeks, you add one new goal to focus on for the week.  Week 1 Starts today.

For this week I chose to eliminate all meals out except two.  We usually go out to dinner with friends (or family) about once a week, but lately meals out have become more and more frequent, and I’m definitely starting to feel the effects.  This week I get one dinner out and one “I need to grab a quick breakfast/ lunch” meal.

1. (6/12 – 6/18): Eat out no more than twice.










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