100. I am a terrible weekend blogger

First of all, it’s my 100th post.  Somehow I feel like this should be a more monumental moment, but I suppose in the grand scheme or things 100 posts is nothing.

I realized today, that I am a really awful weekend blogger.  I just never seem to get around to it.  Oh well, at least I’m really great at the weekend recap posts. 🙂

This weekend was a pretty busy one.  Friday night Chris and I ordered in Chinese food/ sushi from Chi Tung which is probably my favorite area Chinese restaurant ever.  I ordered unagi rolls and the crazy rolls.  Chris got shrimp fried rice, sesame chicken, and crab rangoon.  We ate our deliciousness and watched Drag Me To Hell and then Taken.  Both movies were really good.

Drag Me To Hell was pretty much what I was expecting.  I’d heard a lot of people were disappointed by the movie because they were expecting it to be a really scary movie.  However, since it’s a Sam Raimi film, I knew better.  it was very similar to Evil Dead in that it was a horror movie so over the top it bordered on comedic. 

Saturday Chris and I headed to Greektown for lunch with his mom, grandma, brother, and aunt and uncle.  We ate lunch at Santorini which specializes in seafood.  Holy yum was this food delicious.  Everything was so good it definitely deserves its own post.  (Plus I have a bunch of pictures.)

Sunday morning my friend Sarah came down from the city for a sort of personal training sesh with me.  Sarah got her personal trainers certification a couple months ago and has been working at a gym.  She agreed to come down and show me some strength training stuff because I am a serious slacker when it comes to ST.  A big part of my problem was I was overwhelmed by all the options (machines, free weights, resistance, etc.) and I was confident using the machines.

Sarah came down and showed me some of her favorite machines and how to use them (with proper form) as well as some exercises with the free weights and on the fitness mat.  We covered upper body, core, and lower body.  she wrote down all the exercises we did and the machines I used along with the weights, reps, and sets I did.  I’m going to take it and work out my own sort of Intro to Iron Pumping Challenge.  I want to be able to get at least 3 days of strength training in each week.  I’m definitely feeling the effects of yesterday.  It’s not bad; actually, it’s a good soreness.  It’s the kind of soreness that tells me I accomplished something and I’m getting stronger.

That pretty much covers the weekend.  It wasn’t too eventful.  I’m not a Valentine’s Day person at all and neither is Chris so we didn’t do anything special.

I’ll be back later with my Greektown post and some other thoughts.

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