101. Kids & Diets

On Saturday Chris and I went out with some of his family for a birthday lunch. During the car ride to Greektown, Chris’ mom mentioned something about his cousin being put on a diet. Now, I don’t know the specifics and what exactly she meant by “on a diet,” but it got me thinking about childhood obesity, diets, and whether diets are an appropriate way to deal with childhood obesity.

Here’s what I do know: his cousin is an eleven year old girl; she is absolutely obese; and she’s not very active at all. Like I said before, I don’t know what exactly being “put on a diet” means in this case, but I would be willing to bet his cousin has been put on a diet in the traditional sense of the word – restrictive, self-deprivating, etc – rather than the balance we strive for in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Do you think it’s appropriate to put a child on a diet? If you’re a parent, or even if you’re not, would you ever put your child on a diet, in the traditional sense of the word? What do you feel is the best way to deal with getting an overweight or obese child to a healthy weight?

I’ve already got my opinion, but I’m going to hold off on posting it for now. I’d like to “hear” everyone else without any possibility of my influence. Check back later tonight for my opinion.

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