106. I Want Your Love & I Want Your Revenge…

Okay, that subject really has nothing to do with this post except that I’ve had that Lady Gaga song stuck in my head since Saturday night! (Note to self: download Lady Gaga song.)

I apologize for the lack of dinner post last night. I made a BBQ Hawaiian pizza. It was delish, but I wasn’t as happy with it as previous pizzas. The cheese (I used part skim mozzarella and some gouda) didn’t melt quite right and it there was quite a bit of liquid on it. Chris and I are pizza and caught up on episodes of The Biggest Loser on the DVR. I crashed really early, by my standards anyway; I was asleep before 9:30.

A few times in the last month or so the strangest thing has been happening when I’m asleep. My mouth/ throat get really dry, and I wake up feeling like my throat is stuck together and I’m choking. The first time this happened was when I had that really bad head cold so I assumed it was a result of all the congestion, but it’s happened a couple more times including last night. I don’t really know what to make of it. I keep a glass of water by my bed anyway so I don’t need to get out of bed for a drink, but I’m somewhat concerned about actually choking, or something, in my sleep! Any ideas as to what the heck is going on here?

Breakfast was oats with peanut butter, cranberry apple butter, and pom arils again. I still laugh a little when I think about the fact that this time last year I “didn’t like” oatmeal. Boy oh boy was I missing out!

I got a little lot over indulgent on the pizza last night. I ended up eating 2/3 of the pizza! I felt like I hadn’t eaten all day! Needless to say I need to bust out a very serious work out tonight. Right now the plan is 30 minute swim and an hour of yoga. After yoga I’ll either hit the dreadmill or head over to the indoor track for a short run.

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  1. You can thank my food prep class for this little bit of info: The reason you got grease on your pizza is from the gouda cheese. Mozzarella is used on pizza because the fat doesn’t pool like other cheeses. If you want to use another cheese, add it closer to the end of the cooking time. That will keep it from oozing since it isn’t exposed to the heat that much. You only need a few minutes here, say 3-4 to get the gouda to melt and to avoid most of the grease pools.

    Also, the more aged the cheese, the less the fat will pool. Aging cheese basically means you are breaking down the protein and fat components of the cheese (it doesn’t alter the nutritionals, but the broken down protein and fat contributes flavor) and therefore, a sharp cheddar won’t ooze as much as a mild cheddar.

    Also the throat thing just sounds like you aren’t getting enough water. Try drinking more throughout the day! That should hopefully keep you hydrated. It could also be just the cold dry air in your house. Perhaps a humidifier would help also?

    1. Interesting about the cheeses. I’ll keep that in mind about adding other cheeses later in the cooking. The liquid was actually under the cheese (I wasn’t clear about that) so I’m not sure it was grease. My first thought was it was just juice from the pineapple.

      I probably should invest in a humidfier. I think if I drink anymore water throughout the day I’ll float away, but the cold, dry air thing is a definite possibility. A humidifier would also help with the crazy static issues my hair has.

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