112. Quickie Weekend Recap

This weekend was mighty busy with many a late night.

 Friday night I attended a Lia Sophia jewelry party at my friend Kelly’s house.  As much as think these parties are silly, it’s a great excuse to get together with friends, have a couple drinks, and catch up.  I got “suckered” in to hosting a party myself.

After the party had officially ended we watched the DVD of my friend Michelle’s recent vacation.  She went on a week-long trip to the Bahamas on a live-aboard dive boat.  (Michelle is an avid scuba diver.)  The DVD was a compilation of all the dives they did, and it was so cool to watch.

 Saturday morning I made grilled banana sandwiches (see below) for Chris and I for breakfast then hit the gym for yoga with my mom.  I wanted to get a more aggressive workout in Saturday morning, but I ended up going to Trader Joe’s with my mom and Nicki instead.  Saturday night my friend Val threw a surprise going away/ deployment party for her husband who is being deployed to Afghanistan next month.  It was a great time except for my headache that slowly built as the night progress.  I ended up having to leave (not that early) because I just couldn’t handle the headache any longer.

 Sunday morning I had grand ambitions of going to spin class before heading to David’s Bridal to make a final decision on bridesmaid’s dresses for Nicki and Nick’s wedding.  Unfortunately, even after Advil and 8 hours of sleep, I woke up with a still raging headache.  I think I was dancing on the edge of migraine territory as the light hurt my eyes and I felt like throwing up.  Needless to say, a trip to the gym was not going to happen.  I made breakfast, head a cup of green tea (hoping the caffeine would ease the headache), and relaxed for a couple hours before I had to head out and meet Nicki. 

We were succesful in purchasing the bridesmaids dresses.  Nicki’s dress was in as well so she did the fitting for her alterations while we were there.  Afterward we went back to my parent’s to assemble the wedding invitations.  Getting my parent’s printer to print the invites was a nightmare.  It took my dad about 2 hours to get them printing.  Once he got it figured out, it took us about an hour to assemble all of the invites.  Even my brothers got in on the action.  (Photos to come later.)

Grilled Banana Sandwiches.


The grilled banana sandwich Tina posted last week looked so yummy I had to make my own.  I made two pieces of French toast with cinnamon raisin bread and grilled the bananas.  I sprinkled the banana with cinnamon and made a sandwich.  I sprinkled it with powdered sugar and drizzled some agave nectar on top.  I thought about making a cream cheese “frosting” to hold the bananas in the sandwich, but I didn’t have any cream cheese.

 This is definitely something I’ll be making again.  I’m sure I’ll tweak it a bit each time.

 I’ll be back later with today’s post.  I’m having kind a bit of an “off” day so I don’t have a lot to say right now.

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