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Yesterday was a really strange day.  It started out really great.  I was in a fantastic mood; I was really excited for the week ahead; I was feeling motivated.  I don’t know what exactly happened, but by the time I got home from work I had done a total 180.  I don’t remember the last time I felt so incredibly listless.  I just felt exhausted and unmotivated.  I didn’t go to yoga.  I didn’t blog.  I sat on the couch like a blob and watched Fanboys with Chris.  I also went on a bit of a rampage with the Joe-Joe’s I bought on Saturday.  (Reason #1 to never go grocery shopping while hungry: you buy cookies you don’t need and then eat them all in two days.  Ooops.)

 This morning wasn’t much better.  My plan was to get up and do the Biggest Loser DVD.  I got up, but I decided I just didn’t feel like it and lay back down.  I wasn’t even tired.  I was just being lazy.

 It’s ending today though.

 So, here are some of my eats from the last few days.

 Yesterday’s lunch: Avocado and hummus sandwich with carrots

Yesterday’s dinner: burrito bowl – Mexican rice with beans and corn, ground beef, cheese, and avocado 

The Joe-Joe’s I went a little crazy with last night. 

This morning’s breakfast: Possibly the most perfect bowl of oats ever. 

Yesterday I tried blood orange for the first time.  I was horribly unimpressed; however, I chalked it up to it being a bad orange and tried it again today.  Today’s orange was much better.  It was juicier and the color was closer to what I was expecting.  (Yesterday’s was purple-ish!)  I’m not sure I love blood oranges, but they’re not bad. (This is the nasty one from yesterday.  See how the color is off?)

Tonight my friend Nicky is coming over to hang out for a while.  In honor of National Pancake Day, I’m going to make brinner with pancakes, bacon, and roasted red potato hash browns.  We’ll probably watch a movie and hang out.  Any movie suggestions?

 Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Fanboys was a fun movie.  It was well played and very funny.  However, some of the humor is lost if you’re not a Star Wars fan.  If you’re a Star Wars fan, it’s definitely worth checking out.  Going in to it, I was totally unaware that I’ve actually met the guy who wrote the movie!  My junior year of college, I was a regular at the poetry slams hosted by The Coffeehouse  in Normal.  Ernest Cline was probably one of my favorite of the slam poets/ spoken word artists to perform there.  I actually purchased his CD Airwolf  and still listen to it regularly.

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