116. Grilled Cheese:The Ultimate Comfort Food

I am definitely having one of those afternoons where I would rather be anywhere other than at work.  It’s just one of those days…

 I ended up foregoing the salad I brought for lunch today in favor of going out to lunch with a few co-workers, including the new girl.  I was really craving a sandwich this afternoon so when my friend Lauren called to invite me to Augustino’s Deli, I couldn’t say no.  There was a great debate in ordering.  I was torn between the California Wrap, the Chicken Bacon Wrap, the grilled cheese and building my own sandwich.  I ended up going for the grilled cheese on wheat with some fries.

Grilled cheese is pretty much the ultimate comfort food.  When I started college I ate a grilled cheese nearly every day for about the first 3 weeks of school.  Some days I probably even ate two!  I melt for a good grilled cheese. (Pun totally intended!)  These days my homemade grilled cheese sandwiches are a bit more sophisticated – adding fruits or veggies, experimenting with different cheeses – but at the end of the day, nothing beats a few slices of American cheese between some bread.

 I’ll eat the salad for dinner tonight.  It’ll be a nice light meal before yoga.  I’m really excited for yoga tonight.  I decided to wait until after class to do some cardio so I can really put my full energy and focus into class.  I’ve been phoning in a lot of my yoga lately, and I think it’s because I’ve been doing some fairly hard-core cardio before class.  Someone wrote a blog earlier this week** about their attitude toward yoga.  How they viewed yoga as an easy, “resting” work-out.  I realized that’s very similar to how I’ve been viewing yoga.  That’s totally not the case.  Yoga is hard work.  Yoga requires strength and focus.  It might not be an intense cardio workout like a good run, but it’s intense in its own right.  I’ve decided to try treating yoga as such by not tiring myself out before class.

 **Sorry! I don’t remember who it was to credit it appropriately.  If you know, comment and tell me!

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