122. Adventures in Babysitting

Last night I realized I’ve been taking my smoke-free bars for granted. I was only able to stay out for my friend Colleen’s birthday for about 2 hours. The cigarette smoke was so thick my eyes were burning, my lungs hurt, and my nose was itchy and running. The upside is I got to bed early, and woke up early this morning to get stuff down around my house.

I was super productive today. Chris and I gave our place a good deep cleaning. It actually looks like civilized people live there. I’ve got to confess, I’m not a good housekeeper at all. I absolutely hate cleaning so I tend to let things get pretty bad. We scrubbed the kitchen, cleaned the pantry, cleaned the living room, dining room, and bathroom. I got started on the bedroom, but then I had to leave to go to Mecca with my parents.

By Mecca I mean Whole Foods. I didn’t plan to buy much, but of course I bought much more than planned. I got about 3lbs of organic rolled oats from the bulk bins, vegan chocolate chips, turbino sugar, some sushi for lunch, and some assorted produce. I could spend so much money there!

I was super impressed with the sushi from Whole Foods. It tasted as good as some of the sushi places in my area. (Sushi in Chicago can be pretty hit or miss.)

This evening I’ve been babysitting for some family friends. It’s definitely been a rocking Saturday night. First I played Geotrax with the three year old twins.

Currently I’m watching iCarly with the nine year old, but only after two consecutive wins in Clue. 🙂

Once I get home it’s going to be bed time. Tomorrow I’m heading to my friend Jennie’s to watch the Canada v. USA gold medal hockey game.

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