123. March Goals + Really Exciting News for Me!

So, um, it’s March now.  Was everyone else aware of this?  Some how, I just now realized this.  I guess I should probably set some goals for the month.  February’s goals were okay.  I definitely did not loose the 5 pounds I was hoping for, but I did loose 2.  I was really consistent with my yoga going two or three days every week.  I didn’t go to spin class once, my running was sporadic, and I usually got 1 swim per week in.  I did improve on my strength training.  I did a much better job of tracking – especially after I started a pen and paper food diary.  I’m looking forward to March though.  Today is Day 1 of a new 5K training plan, and I think this is really going to help me focus this month.

 So here are my March goals

  •  Lose 7.5 pounds. 
    I know this is really ambitious since I made it less than ½ way to my February goal of 5 pounds, but go big or go home right?
  • Track every day.
  • Stick to my 5K training plan.
  • Yoga 2 days a week
  • Strength 3 days a week.

I’ve built the last two goals into my training plan so hopefully that will help me stick to them.

One of the things I’m really bad about is rewards.  I set goals, but I never give myself rewards for reaching those goals.  Tonight, I’m going to think about rewards for myself for March and set some benchmarks for the rewards.

 I got some very exciting news today.  My friend Emily will be visiting me at the end of June!  Emily was my last roommate in college, and is one of my BFFs.  She’s currently out in Santa Barbara for grad school.  I miss her dearly so I was totally stoked when she emailed me a couple weeks ago asking if she could stay with me for a few days in June.  This may, however, result in me trying to find a new triathlon to do though.  I’ve got some time to figure that out though.

 Lunch today was the Mandarin Nut Salad from Pockets and a s’more cupcake.  This totally goes against my responsible spending challenge.  I’m vowing no more lunches out right now.  The salad was awesome, but I forgot to take a picture.  I always forget to take pictures when I eat lunch with my friend Lauren because we’re usually so chatty!

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