123. Oats Made with Milk > Oats Made with Water

Monday is not off to a good start for me. I woke up with a headache. There’s pretty much nothing worse than that except maybe a sucky breakfast. Breakfast this morning was seriously sucky. I wasn’t in the mood for chocolate oats, and even though I bought more vanilla soy milk, I left it in the fridge at my parent’s house. So my oats this morning were made with water. Ick. The texture was off. It didn’t have that little hit of flavor. I was also out of bananas. I decided to try apple cinnamon oats. I added a 1/4 c. applesauce and a whole boatload of cinnamon. I also added 1 T. of peanut butter since I figured I’d need it to keep me full.

It was edibe, but it definitely wasn’t good or satisfying. A bad start to the day.

I actually delayed blogging because I didn’t want my first blog of the week to be a total whine-fest. So let’s focus on the positive.

Today is the official start date of my 5K training program! I’m really excited to have a serious plan in place. I feel like my workouts have been lacking direction for a while which has caused some slacking on my part. It will be nice to have a focus again.

I had a really great day yesterday with my family. Today is my dad’s birthday – Happy Birthday Dad! – and yesterday was celebration day.

First on the agenda I made Julie’s Mini S’more Cupcakes. I made the almost completely vegan. I couldn’t find vegan marshmallows so those were the only non-vegan element. They were ugly, but tasty.

I would definitely make these again, but I think I would use regular size muffin pans as I had fewer issues with the marshmallows melting out of the cupcake and on to the pan. Julie warned about that, but I thought I had the marshmallows low enough in the cups.

After the baking…adventure, Nicki and I headed to Target on a quest for a skin care and cosmetics regimen for her. She’s decided it’s time to start taking better care of her skin so it looks nice for the wedding. We got her face wash, exfoiliating face wash and some moisturizer. We also picked up a set of Eco-tools brushes, some Physicians Formulas Organics Mineral foundation, some mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow. When we go home I showed her how to apply the make-up to look very natural and glowy.

I also purchased some stuff at Target. Target is one of those stores I leave having spent no less than $50 pretty much every time I go in there. I tried to stick to my responsible spending challenge, but I  strayed a little. I needed to buy toothpaste and deodorant for Chris, Chlorox Green Works wipes to help keep the bathroom clean, and new mascara because my was several months old and starting to get crusty. I had a coupon for the toothpaste and Chlorox wipes (Thumbs up), and I generally buy inexpensive mascara anyway because it vets replaced so often. So I really stuck to my challenge in that sense, but I also bought some stuff I didn’t really need like a set of Eco-tools brushes that, while they’ll be nice to have, were totally unnecessary (Thumbs down). I also bought some throw pillows for the living room couch and chair. Strictly speaking I didn’t really need these; however, I’ve been meaning to buy some throw pillows since we moved in.  I hadn’t found any I really liked enough to buy, but I saw these and loved them so I decided to buy them. They look really great in the room so I’m happy about the purchase.

We got back from Target and I hung out with my parent’s watch the gold medal hockey game (Congrats Canada.) until it was time for birhday dinner. Dinner was steak, lamb chops, potatoes, and corn. While ground beef is off the menu for me, I do still enjoy a good steak. I could go without it completely though. Dessert was angel food cake layered with chocolate mousse. After cake and gift (Nicki and I picked up a KitchenAid BBQ sauce pot and silicon basting brush set at Target. My dad makes really amazing ribs so it seemed fitting.) I headed home to relax.

That’s it for now. See you all in a bit for lunch!

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