127. Workplace Wellness + Stress Reduction Challenge

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it here before or not, but my company has a pretty slammin’ company wellness program.  They offer reimbursement for gym membership and weight management programs (e.g. Weight Watchers) based on usage.  We have our “Healthy Lifestyles program” which is a rewards program.  The HL program is a two part program.  Part 1 gives up a $25 per paycheck ($600 a year) credit to offset the cost of our benefits.  Part 2 gives up rewards based on the number of points we earn throughout the year.  There are four rewards levels, and while the lower level rewards can be pretty cheesy (last year was an apple shaped stress ball), the higher level rewards are pretty awesome ($50 Target gift card).  There are a variety of things you can do to earn points: preventative care visits, company wide challenges, working out, and individual challenges are just a few.

 One of the individual challenges we can do is Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Stress Reduction Plan.  Lately, I’ve been feeling uber stressed out so I’ve decided to tackle stress reduction challenge and earn myself some Health Lifestyle points at the same time.  Anyone interested in joining me?  My company’s version of the challenge is a 30 day challenge so I will be doing two days for each day of the Dr. Oz program.

 Does your company have a wellness program? Do you take advantage of it?  What are the benefits offered?

 Lunch today was pretty stellar for being a mediocre throw together lunch.  I had a PB&J sandwich, some baby carrots, and a spinach, apple, and grape salad.

The carrots were supposed to be my afternoon snack, but I was chatting away and ate them too!  I’ve got some Trader Joe’s ABC trek mix stashed in my desk if I need a snack-a-roo.

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