131. Shrimp in Love

Dinner tonight was one of my new favorite quick and easy dinners to make. It’s a healthier version of Kraft’s Shrimp in Love recipe.

I was starving by the time I got home from the gym and yoga. Before I left for the gym, I made myself a mini monsterita.

1c. spinach
1/2 c. vanilla soy milk
1/2 a banana
Served in a margarita glass I got for my 21st birthday.

I was starving about three quarters of the way through yoga. All I could think about for the last 15 minutes was how soon I could go home and eat! I broke into my emergency chocolate peppermint stick Luna bar on the way out of the gym. My mom & I split it.

Other than that my gym visit was great. I did day three of my training plan which was 5×400 intervals running at 6.7 and 4.6. I did 3 miles in 36 minutes. Toward the end I had to slow down my recovery intervals some because my heart rate wasn’t coming down enough.

Yoga was really good as well (except for those last 15 minutes.) I felt really strong and centered. I could feel myself pushing to the edge.

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