135. You Probably Don’t Know This…

…but chocolate chip cookies are pretty much my kryptonite. Chocolate chip cookies made from the Nestle Tollhouse recipe, well, I could eat those for breakfast, lunc, and dinner. That of course would explAin why it’s barely 7am, and I’ve already eaten two of these bad boys.

No need to worry, these are going to work to be pawned off on coworkers. I will soon be safe from the cookie monster.

Which brings us to your likely question of where the heck have I been. I’d like to say I have some fantastic reason (like a last minute, spontaneous trip to California) for disappearing for the face of the blog-planet, but the truth is I don’t.

Truth is it was little more than laziness. I just wasn’t feeling it. My posts were starting to feel forced, contrived. I decided to take a step back. I absolutely love blogging, but I just don’t feel like I’ve hit my stride with this blog. I’m definitely going to be finding my style around here.

I enjoy documenting my eats. But let’s face it, I eat the same stuff pretty regularly. You can only look at so many pictures of the same bowl of oats!

I enjoy tracking my training and workouts here too, but recently I’ve been feeling a weird sort of guilt for missing a workout. (maybe because I’ve been missing them for no good reason.)

I didn’t help that my “Girl Can” attitude has been fledging recently. I just haven’t been feeling like I can do anything I set my mind to.

I’m back now though. You can expect a few general updates in he near future, but until then…

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0 thoughts on “135. You Probably Don’t Know This…”

  1. I’ve been missing you and wondering where your posts were!

    Basically, I feel exactly the same way you do about posting pictures of my food! Sometimes I have something GREAT and just want to rant and rave about the things I make or dishes I create. Other times I don’t and just feel like – wow, this is pretty boring and repetetive. And then it’s like you miss one meal and you are screwed! At least that’s how I started to feel.

    The other issue I have with posting my food is I feel a lot of anxiety over how people are going to respond to seeing what I eat. Part of me is really scared that someone is going to say – you are eating WAY too much. Or what you are eating isn’t clean enough. Or no wonder you aren’t losing weight, look at what you are eating! While I feel like I eat pretty balanced (most of the time), everyone has their own opinion. Plus I haven’t decided what to do about my food posts when I become a RD. I never want someone to look at my blog and try to eat exactly like I do because I’m a RD. I feel like starting myself down the food picture posts for every meal will eventually have to stop some day.. so why start now? That and pictures of tupperware isn’t very cute!

    So I’m more in the spontaneous posts right now (with some food) and trying to shy from the deep intellectual pour my heart out posts (I’m saving those for spark – haha!) and the food pictures. I’m just trying to post quick little things as I can.

    1. Yeah, I just think it takes longer for some people to “hit their stride” in terms of blogging than it does for others.

      I wouldn’t stress too much about what other people think in regards to what you’re eating. There’s always going to be someone out there who feels the need to tear down others no matter what. Like you said, everyone has an opinion, but only you know what’s right for you.

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