137. Holy Yummus!

I got suckered into having a Lia Sophia party tomorrow evening.  I don’t mind hosting these parties, but I always feel guilty for not having enough people show up or getting enough orders or having anyone book another party, or whatever. It’s a good excuse to have people over though especially since most of my friends haven’t even seen my place yet!  Of course no get together is complete without snacks so in my quest for the perfect party snacks, I decided to make some homemade hummus. I’ve been meaning to make my own hummus for a while now, but I wasn’t sure the Magic Bullet would cut it. I bought a sweet new KitchenAid blender last Friday so I decided to test it’s blending power on something other than a Green Monster.

Let me just say, Holy Yummus! If you like hummus and you’ve never made your own, you need to right now.

Homemade hummus > Store bought hummus.

I used this recipe from SparkPeople. It was super simple. I combined a can of chickpeas, 1/4c. tahini, 1/4c. water, 2T olive oil, and garlic powder to taste. I put everything in the blender and let it do it’s thing.

I’m definitely going to be making my own hummus from now on. No more store bought hummus for this girl!

In more depressing news, I managed to do a good job of hurting my foot this evening.  I slammed my bedroom door (or more specifically the doorstop on the bedroom door) into the side of my left foot right below my big toe.  It’s all bruised, and it hurts to put all my weight on it.  I’ve been icing it this evening.  Hopefully I didn’t screw it up too bad.  Leave it to me to do something stupid like this.

Well, it’s bed time, but tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

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