139. Can I Claw My Eyeballs Out Now Please?

How do I know spring is nearly here? I want to claw my eyeballs out right about now. Allergy season is back, and it seems to be coming back with a vengeance.

I never had seasonal allergies growing up. Up until my 20s, the only allergy I suffered from was an allergy to aloe vera. Even the aloe allergy wasn’t so bad as I can handle the small amount found in lotions and a lot of bath/ beauty products. The only thing that really gave me problems was aloe vera gel. Plus, not being able to use aloe vera gel forced me to be really diligent about sun protection.

Now though, I get the worst dry, itchy allergies eyes! I don’t get the stuffy or runny nose, but my nose does get really itchy as well. Admittedly, my seasonal allergies really aren’t that bad, but for someone who went 20 years without ever experiencing seasonal allergies, this is pretty much hell.

I also don’t get much relief from most allergy medicines – go figure. After trying several allergy medicines, my doctor finally prescribed Xyzal. The Xyzal works great, but I have two problems with it: 1) It’s super expensive and there’s no generic. Even with insurance, this costs me $50 for a three month supply; and 2) Like most allergy meds, it makes me sleepy. I take it at night to reduce the sleepiness factor, but sometimes it makes it hard to get up in the morning. My gave me a prescription for Allegra-D which would only cost me $10 for a three month supply (generic), but I don’t know the side effects it would cause or if it would even work.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of natural treatments. Has anyone successfully used natural remedies to treat seasonal allergies? I did a little bit of web surfing, and it seems the most commonly recommended natural treatments are butterbur, stinging nettle, quercitin, and using a neti pot. I’m definitely going to do more research before I start actually using any of these natural remedies. (If I decided to try any of them, that is.)

Anyone have thoughts, opinions, experiences with any of these? Please do share with me.


I forgot to pack my lunch today (d’oh!) because I was doing some last minute clean up for my jewelry party tonight. Since I was lunch-less, I decided to order Pockets. Pockets is another great healthy option near my offer. They have some amazing salads. However, I opted for one of their less healthy items: a gooey cheese filled calzone. I ordered their BBC calzone which is bacon, broccoli, and cheese (cheddar and mozzarella). It’s a total guilty pleasure item so I don’t order it very often. Usually I stick with a salad.

The bread is whole wheat at least so I get points for that right?

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0 thoughts on “139. Can I Claw My Eyeballs Out Now Please?”

  1. Let me just say that in Texas Ragweed is rampant and I am sooooo allergic to it. My allergies are awful year round. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the neti pot. Seriously, it is my saving grace and I would definitely recommend it to you! I only use it when allergy season is really bad! But I take allegra and I have an allergy eye drop that I use and during the bad times I combine this all with my neti pot once to twice a day and I survive. I should use my neti pot more, I just don’t.

    The eye problem could also be the fact that you’re wearing mascara or eyeliner (if you are keeping up with project pretty). When I started wearing makeup again my eye allergies got really bad! I switched to Almay hypoallergenic eye liner and mascara and it helped somewhat. I still have eye allergies but not nearly as bad as with normal makeup.

    Not sure if you are a contact wearer? But if so and your eye allergies only get worse, consider switching to daily contacts. My eye allergies are SO bad that I wear dailies and use the prescription eye drops and during allergy season I can usually only make it about 3/4 the day before I have to wear my glasses!

    1. My allregy symptoms just manifest in my eyes. I don’t think the mascara has much to do with it (and I don’t do eyeline during the week) because I don’t noticed any difference between when I’m wearing mascara and when I’m not.

      My doctor gave me perscription allergy eye drops, but I don’t use them because they cause a really nasty metallic taste in the back of my throat. There’s a technical term for that (occular punction maybe?), and it’s bad enough that I can’t handle using the drops.

      I am not a contacts wearer. I have glasses for reading/ computer work and honestly I love my glasses. I would wear them all the time if I could! lol!

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