141. Busy Beaver + Last Night’s Dinner

Busy Beaver

It occurred to me yesterday evening how incredibly busy this week is for me. I wanted to get an evening/ dinner post up. But all of a sudden, it was 10:00, and I needed to get to bed!

So what’s keeping me so busy this week?

Last night I made and ate dinner before heading to the gym. I rocked an awesome yoga class at the gym. I stopped at my parent’s house to pick up a few things (and steal a banana since I’m almost out!)

Tonight I have a condo association meeting (It’s the first since I moved in so I really need to attend.), and I need to close out my Lia Sophia party with the coordinator. I also need to squeeze in a 3 mile run.

Tomorrow my parents and I have an appointment to (finally!) get our taxes done. Since I qualify for the new homeowner’s credit I have to submit a paper filing. The guy my parents see is able to do mine at the same time as theirs. The only down side is since my parents usually end up paying rather than getting money back they like to delay the inevitable as long as possible.

Thursday my mom and I are going for manicures/ pedicures. I also need to get in a 3 mile runs.

Friday night I need to get my tempo run in since I can’t do it Wednesday due to the tax appointment.

Saturday I have an eye doctor appointment.

I probably won’t get many evening posts up this week.

Last Night’s Dinner

One the bus ride home last night, I was really craving some tofu fried rice. Since I’ve already surpassed grocery “budget”* for the month, I’m trying to use what’s in the house before I go shopping again. This created a bit of a challenge as I’m seriously lacking in the fresh produce department. Thankfully, after a bit of digging in my freezer I found a third of a bag of sugar snap peas and about a fourth of a bag of mixed veggies. While not my veggies of choice for fried rice, this was sufficient.

I whipped up my friend rice my sautéing the tofu, adding two scrambled up eggs, the aforementioned veggies, a bag of Trader Joe’s frozen rice, and 3 T of soy sauce.

It wasn’t my finest fried rice dish, but it satisfied my hard-core craving.

*I don’t have an actual budget, but generally we spend about $300 a month on groceries.
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