142. Sit Up Straight, or You’ll Get a Slump

I can always tell when I haven’t been to yoga in a while because I can feel my posture getting progressively worse as time wears on.  A good yoga session always leaves me feeling refreshed and much less slouchy.

Recently, however, it doesn’t seem to be making a bit of difference.  I just feel slumpy and slouchy all the time.  I find myself constantly having to make a conscious effort to sit up straight at my desk rather than hunching over my keyboard.  What’s up with that?

I can’t say that I’ve ever really had bad posture; actually I often get comments about how good my posture actually is.  Of course, sometimes it’s definitely not as great as it could be such as right now.

So, in addition to being more conscious of when I’m slouching in my chair, I’m going to try integrating some other behaviors to try and keep my posture at top-notch levels (and hey, maybe I’ll even improve it!)

I consulted wikiHow’s How to Improve Your Posture which provides a lot of suggestions, but I’m only going to focus on a few of them.  Here’s what I’m planning to do over the next couple weeks.

  1. Make sure I’m sitting all the way back in my chair at work.
  2. Take stretch breaks once an hour.
  3. Attempt to sleep on my back.
    It’s not news to me that sleeping on your back is better for your back and your posture, but I have always been a stomach sleeper.  I’m going to attempt to at least fall asleep on my back.
  4. Increase the amount of core work I’m doing.
    I’ve attempted a couple Whittle My Middle Challenges, and both times I’ve burned out halfway through the challenge.  I’m going to be starting a new challenge for myself to do core strength exercises at least 4 days per week.
  5. Do at least 10 minutes of yoga per day.
    I’ve been getting up earlier every morning so I’m going to start filling some of that time with a short yoga sesh.  YogaDownload.com has lots of short yoga podcasts available.  Since they’re currently offering a 30% discount to all Fitnessistas.

I didn’t think I’d have any time to blog tonight so I set this up to auto post, but since I actually do have some time to kill (waiting for the Lia Sophia coordinator to call me back) I’ll treat you all to dinner.

Tonight was a first time in a long time I made a basic “meat and potatoes” (literally!) dinner.  I definitely grew up eating the meat, starch, veggie dinner, but I’ve definitely moved away from that especially after discovering the blog world!  I actually do a lot of vegetarian meals now.  Usually I have several “meaty” meals in a row, but that’s only because I cook all the meat at once then use it in various ways.

Anyway, tonight, I decided to make some coconut-encrusted chicken.  I’m not really sure where the idea came from, but it seemed like a good one.  I used 1/3c. sweetened flaked coconut and about 1/4c. ground flax.  I coated the chicken in egg then dredged it through the coconut/ flax mix, and baked.  The flavor was really good with the sweetness of the coconut and the nuttiness of the flax, but the coating didn’t crisp up quite as well as I’d hope it would.  I’m not sure if the egg or the flax is to blame for that.  Oh well.  It was still tasty which is really what matters.  I made some mashed baby red potatoes on the side.  (I don’t remember that last time I has mashed potatoes!)  I added some butter and garlic powder.

Dinner 3/23/10

While I definitely don’t miss the “meat and potatoes” style of dinner, this was definitely a hit.  Chris will be enjoying the left overs for dinner tomorrow since I have a dinner date with the parentals before the tax appointment.

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