149. A Long Strange Trip

Okay, there wasn’t any long strange trip, but this has been a strange week.  Monday after work I met for a late lunch with an old friend.  Monday night I got super sick and was sick all day Tuesday.  I’m fairly sure I got mild food poisoning from my black bean burger.  Wednesday, I was feeling better, but I still wasn’t eating much.  It was a gorgeous day, and I really wanted to get out for a run.  I decided since all I’d eaten in two days was 2 pears, a package of poptarts, and a bagel running probably wasn’t a great idea.

Wednesday night I was finally HUNGRY!  I was torn between making a homemade Hawaiian pizza and waffles.  Chris decided he preferred pizza so pizza it was.  Since I was so hungry (and had consumed less than a days worth of calories in two days) I decided to make the pizza “Chris style” – lots of toppings and even more cheese.  After a lot of searching and some asking, I finally found the pizza dough at my Trader Joe’s.  I topped it with 1/2 cup of BBQ sauce, 6 slices of Canadian Bacon, a can of pineapple rings, 1/4 of a red onion, and almost 2 cups of a cheddar, gouda, mozzarella, & provolone blend I found at TJ’s.

Hawaiian Pizza

This pizza was awesome!  The only thing I didn’t love was the crust.  The TJ’s crust had a really great flavor, but I like my crust super crispy, and this one just didn’t crisp up the way I like.  I’m thinking next time I’m going to pre-bake the crust for a bit before I top it.  I think that would help crisp it up nicely without over-cooking the toppings by backing the whole pizza longer.

After Wednesday’s pizza, I thought I was back up, but yesterday’s lunch at Subway proved me wrong.  I forgot to grab my lunch as I was leaving for work so I needed to pick something up.  I thought Subway would be a safe option, but it definitely left me feeling a bit queasy.

I’m off today (Spriiiiiiiiiing Breaaaaaaaaak!!!!), but I’ve got a mile long to-do list so I should really get off the blog and getBaby Cloth cracking.  I need to go to the DMV to renew my driver’s license and change my address, stop at the post office to pick up the tea and cookies giveaway prize I won from Tina over at Trading Up Downtown and to mail these adorable baby clothes I bought over a month ago but keep forgetting to mail to my friend Jessie’s baby!  The dinosaur onesie says “here comes trouble” and the duck onesie says “you quack me up.”  I need to get them in the mail though or Zachary is going to be too big to even wear them!

I also want to get out of a run this afternoon.  The weather is much too gorgeous to pass up the chance to run outside.  I think I’m going to drive to one of the forest preserves in the area and hit one of the biking/ running paths.  There’s a bunch between my house and the express DMV I’m planning to go to.

I also need to get Part II of my Financial Responsibility Challenge Update posted today as well as a big race announcement and updates on my running/ training plans.

Lots to do, lots to do.  I’m going to go make breakfast and get my booty out the door!  See you all later!

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