151. Life’s Short; Eat Dessert First!

First, I apologize for the disappearing act. I’ve been doing a bit of thinking and soul-searching these past few days. More on that later though.

Breakfast Draw > Breakfast Fail.

Breakfast this week just hasn’t been working out for me. Monday morning’s breakfast was totally forgettable (As in, I didn’t photo it, and I don’t even remember what I ate.), and Tuesday’s breakfast was an egg sandwich of disappointment. I actually threw half of it out. It was dry and flavorless despite the cheese on it. Yesterday breakfast was better, but still not satisfying.

Scrambled eggs with some Trader Joe’s smoked shredded cheese blend (gouda, cheddar, provolone, and mozzarella) and half a toasted TJ’s everything bagel with some Earth Balance.

I ate the same thing today, and while I was more in the mood for it, I’m not totally satisfied. I just haven’t been craving anything in particular for breakfast so nothing seems to be satisfying me. It’s warm and springy outside so I’m not in the mood for hot oatmeal (which has been my breakfast of choice for about 2 months now), and eggs clearly haven’t been doing the job. Maybe it’s time to switch back to yogurt with lot ‘o’ fixin’s

Lunch yesterday was Shrimp-in-Love leftovers from Tuesday night with a pear I picked up when my friend went out to grab lunch.

Life’s Short Eat Dessert First!
When I got home from work I was starving! so I decided to make dessert and eat it while dinner was cookie. I made my first ever helpin of banana soft serve. Holy yum! I’m so glad my grandma gave me her old food processor. Sure, it’s harvest gold and possibly older than I am, but it did a damn good job making me banana soft serve!

I threw a handful of defrosted frozen berries and some agave nectar in my magic bullet to make a syrupy topping (which actually turn out more like a jammy topping, but it was still good.)

I had a mega-craving for quinoa so I made Mexican style quinoa with tomato sauce, corn, and black beans. I topped it with shredded smoked cheese blend (which is sadly gone now) and some avocado (which was sadly over-ripened and not great.)

It was an awesomely satisfying meal!

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0 thoughts on “151. Life’s Short; Eat Dessert First!”

  1. I’m having the same breakfast woes. My problem is that nothing fills me up like oatmeal. Also I eat at work every day, so my options are pretty limited. Today I’m trying greek yogurt + flax meal and dried mango with peanut butter. Random, but hopefully it keeps me full and works for today!

    PS LOVE banana soft serve. Try throwing some frozen blueberries at the end into the processor. When I make it in mine it makes two pretty ribbons of color – one yellow and one blue. Also I’ve been grating a frozen dark chocolate hersheys kiss on top of mine and then mixing it all together. The hersheys kiss gives it enough sweetness to counteract that sort of bitter taste from the banana, but it’s like only 20 calories so I don’t feel guilty about it at all! 🙂

    1. Yeah. I’m definitely running into the not staying full as long issue. I’m thinking I’m going to try overnight oats tonight/ tomorrow. I just need to go pick up my yogurt from my parents’ house.

      I was a banana soft serve virgin so I kept it simple. I definitely loved it though, and I’ll be making it a lot more frequently. It’s like a decadent dessert, but it’s actually nutrition-tastic servings of fruit! Plus, ice cream upsets my stomach most of the time so this is a fantastic substition for a sundae craving! I did learn I need to freeze my bananas in smaller chunks though. Apparently two halfs of a frozen solid banana is a bit much for my food processor.

      I’ll definitely try adding the berries directly to it. I’m also planning to try making “ice cream” sandwiches out of it using graham crackers. I do need to get some chocolate chips or something though.

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