153. Progressive Dinner

Dinner last night took place in stages because I was starving and impatient.  The plan for dinner with Grilled Cheese with homemade chips.

Stage 1: Hard Boiled Egg from Easter – because I needed food and I needed food now!

Stage 2: Grilled Cheese Sandwich – in which I determined I am just not a fan of Ezekiel’s Sesame Bread.  I want to like it, but I just don’t.

Stage 3: The Chips – which while they were very tasty, were less than chippy due to my impatience.

So why was I so impatient anyway?  Well, my mom and I had a field trip to Borders planned for the evening.  I was on a quest for Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan because I’ve heard so many great things about it from other bloggers.  Sadly, it was out of stock, but they did have Vive la Vegan which seemed like it would be equally as good.  I’m really excited to try the recipes!!!

I’ve even decided to get “progressive” with my dinners.  With my new cookbook in hand and the power of the internets at my side, I’ve decided that I’m going vegan-only dinners next week!  There’s no way I could go 100% vegan, especially for a whole week, right now, but vegan dinners for a week seems totally do-able.  So that is my challenge from Sunday April 11 through Saturday April 17.  Anyone interested in joining me?

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