157. My New Obsession

I was not craving anything specific for breakfast this morning so I decided to whip up an omelet.  Two eggs, a splash of soy milk, Canadian bacon, spinach, and cheese.  It was delish and really hit the spot.  I also had two mandarin oranges on the side.

Omelett with clems

I’m definitely going to miss these little guys since their season is over, but I’m excited to be heading back into berry season!  Berries are easily my favorite fruit.  I love going to pick blueberries in Michigan.  Mmmm…..fresh blueberries…..

Back to reality.

Yesterday I mentioned I have a new obsession, and I know everyone is dying to know what this new obsession is.  So here it is…

…drum roll please…

…baking homemade dog treats!

I’ve been a dog owner for less than a week, but I’ve already been I’ve been contemplating dog nutrition and what I feed my pets.  I already bought organic food for Hermione, and when I purchased Maxwell’s food last Wednesday, I went with Nature’s Best (mostly because I had a coupon).  In a way I feel silly buying organic pet food, but at the same time, I spend so much time considering what I put into my own body why shouldn’t I made the same consideration for the pets I love.  I started thinking about dog treats and what goes into them (who knows?).  Just like with people food the higher quality stuff (organic, natural, short list of recognizable ingredients) is more expensive.

Enter Dog Treat Kitchen.  Last week I decided to Google homemade dog treats just to check it out.  I ran across the website Dog Treat Kitchen which has a bunch of different recipes for homemade doggie goodies.  I was so excited!  I love not only knowing what goes into the treat, but also being able to control it.  I can make sure that it’s wholesome nutritious ingredients my dog is eating.  Plus, I can feel good about giving Maxwell a treat when he’s behaving well because I know it has some nutritional value.

Making homemade dog treats is really easy too!  When I started looking into it, I thought for sure baking dog treats would be really labor intensive.  Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy the process really is.  They’re just as easy as baking human cookies.  The only real “time suck” is generally they have to sit in the oven for a couple hours after baking so they harden up.  However, you can do that overnight if you make the cookies at the end of the evening.

Last Friday I made Mint Kiss Dog Cookies for Maxwell.  He really seems to like them.  Chris’ mom’s dog Harley also seems to like them.  At some point in the next few days, I’m going to make some Peanut Butter treats.  I also bought the carob chips yesterday at Whole Foods to add to some dog treats in the future.  I also think Maxwell is going to get an adoption day cake next year.

Are you a pet owner?  Do you make your own pet food?  Have you ever considered it?

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