162. Eat It! Move It! Live It!

So, since deciding to start over with my blog, I’m working on developing sort of a theme.  Right now I’m going with Eat It! Move It! Live It! which would my food journal, fitness/ training journal, and general thoughts on life/ reflections.  Some of my posts (like this one) may contain all three while others may contain just one or two.

Eat It!

Breakfast this morning was a 2 egg omelet with 2 slices of Canadian bacon, about 1/2 cup of spinach, and 2 T. TJ’s smoked cheese blend.  On the side I had a slice of TJ’s 7-grain sprouted bread toasted with 1 T. TJ’s Valencia peanut butter and four strawberries.  Breakfast clocked in just shy of 350 claories.

This is what I brought for lunch/ snacks.  A spinach (about 2 c.) and strawberry (4 berries sliced) salad with a TJ’s Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage, a teaspoon of flaxseed, and Fat-Free Cranberry Balsamic and pineapple Chobani with Udi’s Bananaberry granola.  Of course things don’t always go as planned right?  Even with the sausage, I was questioning whether or not the salad and yogurt would keep my full all day.  My friend Lauren was grabbing Panera for lunch so I decided to pick up half a Bacon Turkey Bravo at Panera.  I got the sandwich on whole grain bread sans tomato (ick!) and the dressing.  I got the chips which (of course) I ate along with my salad.  The sandwich and chips came in at 500 calories and the salad was a whopping 70.

An unphotographed pear (about 130 calories) was my afternoon snack.  The yogurt, granola, and sausage (ware still in the fridge at work to be eaten another day (aka tomorrow.)

Dinner was a homemade BBQ chicken pizza.  I used TJ’s Whole Wheat pizza dough with 1/2 c. TJ’s All Natural BBQ sauce mixed with 2T. of maple syrup as sauce.  My chicken breast was still frozen solid when I got home so I decided to use 2 TJ’s sweet apple chicken sausage instead.  I topped it off with a cup of the TJ’s smoked shredded cheese blend.  I also tossed some red onions on last minute for good measure.  1/4 of this pizza cost me about 475 calories.  I also had 10 strawberries on the side/ as dessert.

Total calories: About 1,550

Move It!

Tonight I took Maxwell for a 1.55 mile walk.  We walked over to the St. Xavier campus and walked around Lake Marion.  The weather around here may not be screaming spring (It’s 57* without a ray of sun to be seen.), but nature certainly is!  We saw a bunch of ducklings and a baby bunny.  Of course, the presence of a curious dog does not lead to wildlife sticking around for very long.  I was able to get a few photos of the ducklings, but the rabbit got the heck out of dodge.

Approximate calories burn: 120

Check out my walk stats here: MapMyRun.com – Regular Walk: iMapMyRun: May 10, 2010 6:46 PM on 05/10/2010.

I’m also going to do some core work a la Whittle My Middle after dinner while we watch How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory.

Live It!

So far I’m feeling really good about my decision to go back to calorie counting and take this blog in a different direction.  I feel like I’m finally doing things my way again.  I feel like this is they time I’m going to be as successful as I was before.  Wish me luck!

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