163. Eat It!: Foodie Déjà Vu

Look familiar? Breakfast was another 2 egg omelet with Canadian bacon, spinach, and smoked cheese blend with 4 strawberries on the side. Calorie count: about 350.

My morning snack was the pineapple Chobani and Udi’s granola from yesterday. I’m sad to report, I’ve found a Chobani I don’t love. The pineapple flavor isn’t bad, but it’s definitely not my favorite. Something about it just seems “off.” Calorie count: 280 – a bit high for a snack, but I didn’t eat lunch until nearly 1:00 as a result so there was no need for an afternoon snack.

Sweet apple chicken sausage BBQ pizza made a reappearance at lunch today sided by some cantaloupe. Does anyone else find that homemade pizza just doesn’t reheat as well as the stuff from a pizza place? Maybe it’s all in my head. (It also doesn’t photograph as nicely.)

A caramel frappuccino from Starbucks snuck its way into my afternoon.  My co-worker came back with it because they made her the wrong drink but gave her both.  I definitely did not drink all of that.  I scraped off the 6-inch layer of whip cream and drank maybe a third of it.  Calorie count for a tall (12oz.) caramel frappuccino with whole milk (not idea what kind of milk was in mine) and no whip is 190.  I’m going to guess I consumed between 100 – 150 calories on this one since I probably only drank 6 or 8 oz worth.

By the way, you’re not having déjà vu. My breakfast is exactly the same as what I ate yesterday, and my lunch is pretty much exactly what I had for dinner last night. What can I say; I’m a creature of habit. I get on these kicks where I eat the same thing, with slight variations, for breakfast every day for months. It’s kind of seasonal. In the winter I stick with warm, hearty bowls of oatmeal. In the summer I gravitate toward eggs. The spring and fall tend to oscillate between these. Occasionally, I’ll throw in a waffle or cold cereal, but oatmeal and eggs are my breakfast staples most of the year. The easiest lunches to make are the ones where you wrap up whatever you had for dinner last night and call it a day. Plus, I get into ruts of making the same dinners week after week. My current dinner victim is baked mac n cheese.  I’ll probably start looking for new recipes soon.

Do you get foodie deja vu?  Do you try to break the cycle, or do you just roll with it?  Where do you go for meal inspiration?

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    1. Tori! You totally jinxed me! My omelett was a hot mess this morning!

      Two key things for pretty omelets: make sure the pan is throroughly non-stick (I spray my non-stick pan with cooking spray.) and dont’s overfill the omelet. I Cook on medium to high covered by a lid bigger than the pan.

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