172. Simply Because You Can Breathe Doesn’t Mean You’re Alive: My Mission 101

Work has been painfully slow the past couple weeks.  (Maybe this is part of my recent upswing in job dissatisfaction?)  I know I shouldn’t complain because it will get busy again, and I will be begging for a day where I don’t feel guilty taking my full hour lunch.  Until then though… 

The most productive things I did last week were probably email back and forth with Laura and Tweet Andrea to buy her Garmin.  I also started browsing my old LiveJournal  (Does anyone else remember when LiveJournal was all the rage and the ultimate blogging platform?!) and ran across the Mission 101 list I started in July 2008.

If you’re wondering, Mission 101 is challenge to complete 101 goals in 1001 days (about 2.75 years).  The goals can be simple or lofty, short term or long term, serious or silly; anything you want to accomplish.

I didn’t last very long with my first list which is at the bottom of this post, but it’s amazing to see how many things I’ve actually accomplished without even focusing on the list.  I’ve completed 24 of the items (bold) without really even thinking about it, and there are a few more items (italics) that I’m doing though not necessarily exactly as planned.

Running across this list made me start thinking about all my current goals and things I would like to accomplish in the future.  I really love the idea of Mission 101.  I do not love my former list as much however.  I’m going to spend the rest of the week revising my list and begin a new Mission 101 on August 1st.  My mission is to complete all 101 goals by April 28, 2013.  I’ll be starting a separate page, and updating it as I complete goals.  I’m sure I’ll dedicate posts to some of the “major” items on my list.

The List of Old… 

Intellectual/ Education/ Career
1.  Obtain my Associate in Insurance Services 
1.a. Get an A in INS 22 and pass exam
1.b. Get an A in AIS 25 and pass exam
2.  Become an Assistant Broker
3.  Decide in what subject area I want to pursue a Master’s degree
4.  Decide where to pursue said Master’s degree 
5.  Read at least 2 new books a month (0/66) – The key here is new books.  Books do not count if I’ve read them previously.
6.  Take a language course (to be decided) and learn it well enough to hold a basic conversation
7.  Buy some pushpins and decorate my cube
8.  Get my desk to a point that I can actually do homework and stuff at it.
9.  Have my INS 22 homework done by the night before.  Do not wait until the day of class to do it.

Health and Fitness
1. Take a yoga class.
2. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week for 3 consecutive months. (0/3)
3. Get down to a “normal” BMI by the end of 2009 
4.  Take a multivitamin and calcium supplement every day for a month (0/30)
5.  Bring my lunch to work every day for 3 weeks straight (0/3)
6.  Get up earlier enough to make breakfast at home for 2 weeks straight (0/2)
7.  Eat vegetarian for a week straight.
8.  Grow my hair out past my shoulders
9.  Keep a food journal for a month.
10. Get a massage
11. Completely stop biting my nails.
12. Get a manicure as a reward for completing number 11
13. Get my eyebrows done professionally
13. Splurge on some really expensive make-up (like MAC or UD) at least once.

Family/ Friends/ Social
1. Visit Emily in California at least once a year (2009, 2010, 2011) – I’m not counting 2008 here because I visited her earlier this year and I am planning to visit her in September/ October this year, but that will likely depend on a few other factors.
2. Email Kristin at least once a week (0/143)
3. Email Grandma at least once a month (0/33)
4. Cook dinner for my family once a week (0/143) – This is only while I’m actually living at home.
5. Go out with the girls at work at least once a month (0/33)
6. Buy an address book, fill it out, and keep it updated 
7.  Spend time with Kristin at least once a month (0/33)
8.  Create a list of places to visit before I die
9.  Send out holiday cards every year (2008, 2009, 2010)

“Growing up”/ Financial
1. Move out – Ideally, this would be buy a house/ condo, but I’m satisfied with moving out as my goal.
2. Pay off car loan 
3.  Thoroughly clean and organize my room once a month (0/33)
4.  Organize important papers (old tax documents, diplomas and certificates, financial statements, etc.)
5.  Start collecting my spare change and deposit it in my MMA every 6 months (0/5)
6.  Buy a calander or planner and actually use it.
7.  Close out my savings account and put the remainder in my MMA.
8.  Up the amount of money I put in the bank to $100 per check. 
9.  Set up a budget and stick to it for 6 weeks straight.
10. Go a full week without buying and food or beverage at work.  Figure out how much I saved.

1. Meditate 5 minutes at least 5 out of 7 nights a week for 1 month. (0/20)
2. Read Scott Cunningham’s Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practioner and complete all included exercises
3. Read Scott Cunningham’s Living Wicca: A Further Guide for the Solitary Practioner and complete all included exercises
4. Read Dorthy Morrison’s The Craft: A Witches Book of Shadows and complete all included exercises
5. Do a weekly tarot reading for myself every week for 6 months (0/26) 
6. Create an altar for myself.
7.  Keep a dream journal for 6 months (at least) (0/6)
8.  Do at least one holiday ritual
9.  Attend an event at a local pagan shop

Community/ Activism 
1.  Find an organization and start volunteering again
2.  Get recertified in First Aid/ CPR  and keep it up to date 
3.  Remember to ring and use my reusable shopping bags at least 90% of the time
4.  Smile at 101 strangers on the street (0/101)
5.  Give up my seat on the train to someone who needs it
6.  Purge my closet/ room twice a year and give items (still in good enough shape) to Goodwill (2008: 0/1 2009: 0/2 2010: 0/2 2011: 0/1)
7.  Donate (time or money) to Planned Parenthood.
8.  Update my voter registration so I can vote in the ’08 election
9.  Thoroughly research ’08 canidates
10. Vote in ’08 election

Random/ Just for Fun
1. Try 50 new foods/ foods I don’t necessarily think I would like (0/50) 
2.  Teach swim lessons again
3.  Take pictures at “special events”
4.  Keep up my scrapbook
5.  Buy a housewarming gift for Kristin and Dan
6.  Visit the Shedd Aquarium
7.  Visit the Adler Planetarium
8.  Visit Lincoln Park zoon
9.  Visit the Field Museum
10. Go out downtown at least 4 times a year (other than work events) (2008: 0/2, 2009: 0/4, 2010: 0/4, 2011: 0/2)
11. Learn to make (and actually do make) sangria
12. Organize all the photos on my computer and back them up on CD-R
13. Organize all other files on my computer.  Remove all files from college onto a CD-R
14. Back up my computer files every 3 months (0/11)
15. Go to Michigan at least twice a summer not counting holida weekends (2009: 0/2, 2010: 0/2)
16. Compile a recipe book – use the one mom gave me as a base
17. Acquire and watch the series Firefly
18. Replace batteries in all 3 of my watches
19. Stop putting if off, and get my second tattoo!
20. Go back through my LJ and make all entries friends only.
21. See Twilight on opening night.
22. See Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on opening night.
23. “Discover” 10 new bands/ singers I’ve never listened to before and that I like. (0/10)
24. Watch 101 new movies.

 Mission 101
1. Complete this list by August 22, 2008. (Currently at 91 goals)
2. Update this community weekly. (0/143)
3. Update at mission101 at least once a month. (0/33)
4. Write a new list to start in May 2011
5. Get 5 people to start their own Mission 101 list (0/5)
6. Document each completed goal – take photos whenever possible
7. Put $20 in savings for each goal failed or left incomplete.

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  1. Hey, I still have a livejournal account that I update at least once a week!

    Looking forward to your new Mission list. I’ve never made one because I hate feeling like a failure when I don’t do something.

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