176. 13.1 Things I Learned in 13.1 Miles

My first half marathon was definitely a learning experience.  I learned so much about myself, and in a lot of ways, I really feel like I can conquer the world now.

Here are 13.1 thing I learned in my 13.1 miles.

1)      My body is capable of so much more than I let myself think.  It truly can handle anything I throw at it.

2)      I can do anything I put my mind to.

3)      A total stranger asking “how you are doing?” is even more powerful than seeing someone you know cheering you on.

4)      No matter how much you try and prepare the night before, you’re probably going to forget something, and it will probably be something important.  (I forgot my gear check bag which wasn’t a bit deal except that it had my mid-race fuel in it)

5)      The CamelBak is possibly the greatest thing on earth.

6)      Training is important, but the world isn’t going to end if your training doesn’t go as planned.

7)      I can do things independently.  I don’t always need someone to hold me hand.

8)      It’s nice to have someone to hold your hand when the going gets rough.

9)      I really hate sports drinks, gels, etc.  Give my good old fashion real food.

10)  13.1 miles without an iPod is totally doable.

11)  Distance running is just as much a test of mental capacity as it is a test of physical capacity.

12)  Chafing is miserable.  (I’ve never had an issue with chafing before, but I ended up with serious chafing on my left arm during the race.  I also have a line of chafing on my lower back from the Camelbak and a spot in the upper middle of my back I think from my sports bra.  The chafing on my back I didn’t notice until Sunday night.)

13)  I will never run a full marathon

13.1)        [I think] I want to run another half marathon.

On a similar, yet unrelated note, my Mission 101 page has officially been posted.  I still have a couple more goals to add, but they will be up soon.

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0 thoughts on “176. 13.1 Things I Learned in 13.1 Miles”

  1. Those are all great things to learn. Although I never thought I’d do a full marathon and look what I’m training for now. Yeah.

    Also, I love your Mission 101 list. Knocking off some of those should be a snap! If you need some suggestions about what Thai dish to order at a restaurant, let me know. I love Thai food!

    1. I am definitely taking dish sugestions for Thai food. Also, any restaurant suggestions you may have. I’m in the south suburbs, but I’m willing to travel to have my first experience with Thai food be a good one.

  2. hey girl! i just wanted to congratulate you on completing a HM! In CHICAGO!….in AUGUST! geez louise! Could you be any more awesome?!!?!??

    Way to go!


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