177. Neat Freak

This evening I did a major cleaning/ reorganization in my kitchen.  My kitchen was a disaster zone as is most of my place right now.  I’ve never been a stellar house keeper, but in the two months since I broke up with Chris, my house keeping has gotten even worse.

My favorite part of my organizing was using the empty plastic containers strawberries come in to hope my measuring spoons and chip clips!  Yay for recycling!

After I cleaned my kitchen I decided to make dinner.  Dinner tonight was a stuff flounder from Trader Joe’s with brown rice mixed with garlic and herb feta on the side.  I also drank a Bud Light Golden Wheat while I cleaned/ with dinner.  Generally I’m a huge beer snob and stick to my craft beers, ciders, and lambic, but I don’t mind the Bud Light Golden Wheat.

Tonight is the first time I’ve made a legitimate dinner for myself (just myself) in a really long time.  I honestly don’t remember when the last time I made myself a complete, real meal.  My goal for the month of August is to focus on eating in much more frequently.  I’ve been eating out a great deal in the last two month, and while I make pretty smart restaurant decision (most of the time), eating out is never as healthy as eating at home and it costs so much more!  I was balancing my checkbook the other day, and I was astounded by how much I’m spending eating out.  A few dollars here and there never seems like that much, but when you look at them all together, it’s kind of crazy!  Plus, the tax on eating out in Chicago is absolutely insane.  (Warning to all you HLS attendees: Chicago has the highest sales tax in the country.  It sucks.)

Anyway, I’m going to see The Other Guys tonight with a couple friends so I need to clean myself up and get going.

Tomorrow I’m going to be posting my Change the Way You See post in honor of the Operation Beautiful book release and Miss CaitlinHTP.

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  1. I had the same “oh wow I’m spending a lot of $” moment with getting coffee. Dunkin Donuts was the worse years ago until I started reminding myself I could make a better egg sammy @ home and that their coffee is good but not that good.

    However, Starbucks coffee + some sort of something food wise = DOUBLE EEEK! I deliberately designate first week of the month for a Caramel Macchiato and either a morning bun or a strawberry croissant. If I am having a horrible morning non-first week and want S’bucks then it’s a serious thought process of why I want it and if there’s something I can just make @ home later instead.

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