178. Strange Mixes

(This should have been posted last night.  I screwed up scheduling a publish time in advance.)

The past two days I’ve taken a page out of the KERF playbook, and I’ve been eating cheese and jam sandwiches for lunch.

I picked up some queso fresco from Trader Joe’s on Sunday, and I defrosted the remaining (homemade) apple butter my grandma gave me on one of our visits to Iowa.  Toast up some TJs 7-grain sprouted bread, spread the apple butter on, top it with the cheese and you’ve got yourself a mighty tasty sammich.

The saltiness of the cheese really complimented the sweetness of the apple butter perfectly.  This truly might be my new favor sandwich!

In other strange food combinations news…

Last night for dinner I made beer pancakes.  I found the recipe in the Student’s Vegetarian Cookbook I had picked up at Borders a couple weeks ago.  It seemed a little strange to me, but I have a large collection of beer I will never drink in my fridge so I figured I may as well give it a try.

I topped the pancakes with some Earth Balance, a slice banana, 3 (or maybe 4) sliced strawberries, and some real maple syrup.  I promptly devoured them without taking a photo.

Beer Pancakes

1 ¾ c whole wheat flour
1 ½ t baking powder
½ t baking soda
3 T vegetable oil
1 egg
1 T agave nectar (original recipe called for Honey)
1 12 oz bottle or can of beer (I used Michelob Ultra)

The pancakes themselves were fair.  They had a really great, light and fluffy pancake texture.  However, they also had a bit of a beer taste to them.  It wasn’t gross, but it was kind of weird.  The beer taste could have been easily masked with toppings.  If I make these again, I would use a beer I actually like – maybe a wheat beer or something fruit infused.  I don’t think I’m done with this recipe yet.

This morning I got dragged my booty out of bed at 5:00am to go for a short run with Maxwell before work.  We did just over 2.25 miles, but he was starting to tire out around mile 1.5 so there were a lot of walking breaks on the way home.  Otherwise it was a good run.  We kept a quick pace for the first mile.

The humidity in Chicago recently has been killer recently, and this morning was no exception.  I felt like I needed to chew the air before I could breath it!  Thankfully the temps haven’t been too hot.  There’s a good chance of thunderstorms the next two days so hopefully the humidity will die down a bit before the Healthy Living Summit this weekend.

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