183. Reflections on the Healthy Living Summit

Sorry for taking so long to update.  Last week was epically busy.  My initial plan was a play-by-play style recap of the HLS, but as it turns out the things I really took home from HLS aren’t things you can put in a play-by-play recap.  The most important things I took home from the Summit aren’t things at all.  It’s not the notes, the swag, or the photos.  It’s the confidence, the new friendships, and the feeling I can conquer the world.  It’s kind of ironic that the name of my blog is Girl Can since it’s been a really long time since I’ve truly had that feeling – a feeling that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to  A feeling that I can make my dreams and desires my reality.  I’ve been scared for a long time now.  Being at the Healthy Living Summit brought that feeling back to me.

Friday morning on the train to work I was absolutely terrified.  I was filling with panic at the thought of being at an event with 199 total strangers.  Even knowing Krista would be there wasn’t a comfort.  I wanted to turn around and go home.  I wanted to cry.  I wanted to get in my bed and hide until it went away.  It was the same sense of panic I felt driving to packet pick up for my half marathon and in the starting corral.  Luckily I had my BFF Laura to, once again, talk me down.  I knew I had to suck it up and go for it.

What most people don’t actually know about me is I am incredibly shy. I get very anxious in groups of people I don’t know.  I got anxious playing wallyball with two friends and 10 strangers so it pretty much goes without saying that attending an event with 200 strangers made for some serious anxiety.

I could not be happier that I faced my fear.  I was hesitant at first, but I really made an effort to be as open and outgoing as I could be.  I make an effort to talk to new people.  I met so many wonderful people that I can’t wait to get to know better through their blogs, twitter, email, and future blogger events and meet-ups!  Of course, I have to share all these wonderful people: Krista, Nicci, Mary, Haya, Jessie, Erin, Jessica, Heather, Lisa, Sean, Courtney, Emily, Val, and so many more.

I learned a lot more about myself and what I’m capable of through meeting these people and forming bonds with them than I ever expected I would learn at the HLS.  I’ve even noticed myself being a bit more outgoing at social function talking to people I don’t know and being a little more friendly to strangers. 

Of course I took home great lessons from Saturday’s sessions.  I highly suggest checking out the videos.  I’ll be posting about a little bit more about some of the sessions tomorrow.

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0 thoughts on “183. Reflections on the Healthy Living Summit”

  1. This is awesome Stina! I couldn’t agree with your feelings more. I too felt nervous/anxious/regretful on my way to the HLS, but those feelings quickly dissipated as I met more and more of the awesome ladies at the summit. It’s so crazy how a 2-day seminar can change your outlook and jumpstart your engines! Anyway, I’m glad to have met you! And of course all the other ladies on your list!!

    1. It really is insane how two days with total strangers can totally change your outlook on things. The summit really gave me the courage to do somethings I’ve been putting off for fear of…I don’t really even know what. I can’t really talk about it here yet, but hopefully I’ll get to make big announcements soon and I’ll have all of you wonderful ladies to thank!

  2. I was really nervous too, sitting on the plane thinking I only knew one person from previous blogger meet up! I’m so happy to have met you & been able to chat with you. I confess, when I saw you on the walk Sunday I was happy to see a familiar face again. lol

    1. I’m very excited to have met you. I’m hoping to make a trip out your way to visit my friend Laura (below) in early 2011 so we will have get together while I’m there!

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