184. It’s All About Priorities.

The Healthy Living Summit had some really great sessions on Saturday.  I attended the Fueling for Fitness, 5W’s of Strength Training, and the time management session.  I learned some really great things from the fueling for fitness session that will be showing up in a guest post on Laura’s blog in a couple weeks, and I’m going to try implementing many of the things I learned in the 5W’s with a goal of increasing my strength training during the month of September.  Really, it was the time management session that I found most provocative.

One of the things that really stuck with me was the idea that time is a non-renewable resource.  We are always talking about preserving environmental resources like oil that are non-renewable, but I’ve never thought about time in those terms.  About how we should spend our time doing the things that are important to us.  This leads into the second point that really stuck with me -the realization that I don’t really have a great concept of where my priorities are.  This is something I plan to work on in the coming weeks.

During the session we were each given an index card and told to write down our priorities.  This seems like it would be an easy task, but honestly, it was one that caused me to hesitate.  i didn’t know what to write.  I knew what they should be and what I wanted them to be, and I know how I spend my time on any given day.  I don’t know that they align very often though.  Ultimately, i wrote down what I want them to be. 

I really want to make figuring out what I want to be when I “grow up” a priority. I want to get back into a regular fitness routine and meal planning and cooking regularly.  I want to grow my blog.  I want to maintain my relationships with my real life friends and foster relationships with all my new HLS blends.  I want to spend time with my family.  I know i can do all these things.  I can be health and happy.  I just need to remember it’s all about priorities.

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