194. Best Run Ever

I woke up this morning with a killer migraine.  It was one of those lights are too bright, sounds are too loud, everything makes my head throb and I feel like I’m going to vomit.  It’s rare that I get them that seriously, but today is apparently one of those rare days.

I went to Michigan this passed weekend for the Labor Day long weekend.  It was a bit of a bummer since it was windy, chilly, and cloudy most of the weekend, but it was still nice to get away. Friday night my brother dragged me to Cowboy Up which is a country line dance bar.  Totally not my scene, but after a few drinks it got fun.

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The real highlight of the weekend was my run on Saturday.  I ended up having my best run in probably a year.  My plan called for 4 miles, but I really pushed it so I ended up doing three miles. I ran three mile around the farm behind us at a sub 10 minute mile pace with negative splits!

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Mile 1 –> 9:59
Mile 2 –> 9:47
Mile 3 –> 9:45

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