197. A Culinary Bucket List

Well hello again. I didn’t mean for nearly a week to pass since my last post, (By the way, you’ll be happy to know the fruit flies have been defeated) but I’ve been a busy little bee. My brother’s wedding is fast approaching (less than 40 days!) and the wedding shower is this weekend. I’ve been working on finalizing my responsibilities for that. I’ve also had to step it up with the bachlorette party planning and wedding gifting. Before I know it the day has came and went!  I’ve also been rocking a wicked busy social calendar.

I’m sure things will continue to be crazy busy for the next month so if I randomly disappear just know I’m busy running around like a chicken with its head caught off.

About two weeks ago, I mentioned that I was working on a Culinary Bucket List. I really love to cook and try new recipes, but I tend to talk myself out of making new things out of fear that I’ll “screw them up” or “they’ll flop.”  The Culinary Bucket List is just like it sounds – as bucket list of culinary adventures I want to undertake. My plan is to document these and post them as I do them. I’m sure I’ll add more items to the list as I think of things I’d like to make. I’ve added a Culinary Bucket List page as a reference point for my list as well as my recap posts.

On to the list…

The Culinary Bucket List

  1. Make a risotto that doesn’t suck. (I actually did this shortly after I started writing the list.)
  2. Make a pumpkin pie from a pumpkin
  3. Get over my fear of making yeast dough
  4. Bake Whole Wheat Everything bagels
  5. Can something (& don’t give anyone botulism!)
  6. Made homemade apple butter
  7. Decorate a cake using fondant
  8. Make my own sushi rolls.
  9. Create a dish of my own – no recipes!

That’s the list for now – short and sweet – but it will be constantly changing and evolving I’m sure!

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0 thoughts on “197. A Culinary Bucket List”

  1. oh man! i wish you didn’t live so far away. i could help you with almost any of those things (not the fondant though. and the only bagels i’ve ever made were banana…sounds weird but were actually delicious!)

  2. i love this! I have no idea what I would write on mine because i’m too scared 🙂 not really! but I seriously complete #9 all the time. just graze other recipes and come up with something in your head 🙂 I’m sure you’ve actually done it and not realized it.

    also how funny that you mention botulism because that is something we learned about today in food microbiology! But I am with you on the canning. I would LOVE to make fresh salsas and can them for Matt because he goes through a large jar of salsa every few days (literally). it would be so much cheaper for me to make my own for him!

    and making yeast dough is not bad. seriously, you can’t mess it up. I can send you recipes and instructions from my food prep class i took last semester if you want. we spent an entire week on yeast doughs and it’s not bad at all. i love the way the yeast smells because it reminds me of my grandmother making dough when i was growing up. it also makes me want to eat the ENTIRE ball of dough. whoops!

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